Voice Over styles change
Keep up.

Whether you're new to the realm of voice acting, or you've been around the block once or fifty times... we'll help you get and STAY relevant.

There's lots of online Voice Over training out there.
We've heard ours is the best. More than once.

We talk the talk.

Mostly we just thought that would be a good title for a section on voice acting...

But it’s true! Our voice over teachers have bought houses by talking into a microphone. We scour the markets, keep up on the ever-changing trends, and keep in touch with decision makers to make sure that you receive direction that keeps you RELEVANT today. And we mean today. VO styles have been changing wildly in the recent past. We're talking month by month at times. But we're on top of it for you.

AND, we don’t just cover the performance aspect of this career. Many of our courses also include BONUS mini-courses on home studio setups and/or how to get fully "Source Connect capable".

 Pick your poison


Totally new to this? Always wanted to add another tool to your acting shed? People tell you you've got a great voice? Heck, even if you've got a terrible voice it doesn't matter... because in the current state of affairs, it's all about the READ; and REAL voices can outshine great ones. Introduction to Voice Over is what you're looking for.

Have years of experience in voice over? Out there actively auditioning and landing jobs? Already have a workable home VO setup and wanna step up your reads? Advanced Voice Over is a class you can jump in as many times as you like, and continue to grow your skills and realign to current trends.


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Self Directed Mini-Courses

Create your VOICE OVER Home Studio

Online Mini-Course
(self directed with support)

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Setting Up Your Source Connect

Online Mini-Course
(self directed with support)

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Two Course Mini-Course Bundle

Save when you buy both!
(self directed with support)

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One on One Coaching Options

We've got some of the best coaches in the business. Click on the options below to learn more.

Voice actor?
You should workout more...

(your voice, that is.)

We host the most robust ONLINE ACTING COMMUNITY imaginable. Connect with other VO actors. Jump into ongoing workout groups. Push each other to succeed. Find guidance from our teachers.

If you don't have the time or resources to jump into one of our course offerings, at least keep ACTING. We can help with that - at a price that won't break the bank.

Explore "The Practice"

Hear what our students have to say about our Voice Over Classes:

Katharine Jordan

"If you are looking to get into Audiobooks this will answer many of your questions about the business. Audiobooks have been something I have been considering for some time, but I felt I just didn't know enough to jump in confidently. I am so grateful Lisa was willing to share her wealth of knowledge, which she has gathered through many years of experience in the business. She was able to answer all our questions and give great feedback to the sample readings we worked on in class. This is an amazing workshop with a ton of  valuable information on many different facets of the work that goes into audiobooks and elements of the industry. A worthwhile afternoon for someone without the time to dedicate to a full session of classes."

Kelly Nesheim

"Jen and Robyn are so welcoming and informative! Their insight and different approaches to voiceover really helped me learn how to analyze scripts and embrace the unique qualities of my own voice. I've taken the Intro to VO and Advanced VO classes and really love the online format, it allows for more time to work on scripts during class. You get to learn mic techniques, breaking down scripts, and the ins and outs of working as a voiceover actor. Robyn and Jen really set you up for success! Since taking VO classes with them, I've made a demo and have gotten VO representation. I'll definitely be taking classes with them again."

Christopher V.

"Three great people helm this class.  Robyn, Jennifer and Sean - you guys Really put in a great effort.  Best part is the stuff you bring is pure awesome.  Thank you for hosting this and working so hard to help us in our studies."

Freddie Mercury

"I never took class at The Green Room. But I am curious to see if you are actually reading this. I've got my eye on you.

Honestly, this is a new website and we are excited to launch it. So while we are still uploading testimonials, we wanted to honor Freddie."

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