The art and SCIENCE
of  Screen Acting

Two sides of the same coin - Both equally important.
You need BOTH sides of the coin if you wanna make any money.

On-Camera Training Program
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These ain’t no Meisner classes.

Meisner's great. Really. But too many actors focus all or most of their training on Meisner, Method, or a similar approach. We love Meisner. We love all those methods we refer to as “inside/out” approaches where connecting to the inner truth is front and center.
That work is extremely valuable, but it alone does not address the specific needs of On-Camera Storytelling.

We dive deep into the mechanics of an on screen performance and show you how to build the habits of making choices that WORK for the screen.

When your work is connected on the inside AND WORKS ON THE OUTSIDE…
that’s when you start booking the roles you want.

This isn’t Screen Acting 101.

A “general knowledge” of the on-camera audition can have you landing on the cutting room floor of the casting office far too often.

This is not just about hitting a mark, understanding framing, or learning to navigate a tv, film, or commercial audition. It’s about broadening your on-camera range, connecting far deeper with your audience, and looking into every corner of the on-camera story telling language to make your screen performances shine with purpose.

There's no magic formula to make people cast you. But you can make your work communicate far more effectively. And that gets noticed.

It’s about MAKING directors pay attention.

This isn't easy.

We’re not gonna take a beginner and turn them into a success overnight.

You’re not gonna coast through because you’ve been a working stage professional for 25 years.

We’re gonna make you work. Hard.

Our students include professional actors from all across the country with decades of Broadway and major regional stage experience, performers with Masters and Doctorate degrees from prestigious theatre programs, working screen actors with agents, managers, and an enviable list of credits.

And we hear over and over how our approach makes them WORK HARDER. But last we heard…hard work pays off. 

We can do this a few ways...

Right now, all of our classes are online. And honestly, we FIRMLY believe you'll get a better education here than a traditional in-person classroom. Our unique online structure forces the actor to engage the work on a far deeper and more consistent basis, giving you a much greater mastery of the frame.

You WILL get a true audition-like experience.

You WILL engage deeply in performances and find true connections with your scene partners and teachers.

You WILL be blown away by the concepts and skills you incorporate.

And you can do it one of these ways...

On-Camera Training Program
Levels 1-3

You're serious about taking your career to the next level and are ready to put in the time and effort.


Explore the OCTP

Advanced Electives

We occasionally offer advanced classes outside of our regular curriculum.

Most of our advanced classes require an application for admittance. 

Explore Advanced Electives

The Practice

If you don't have the time or resources to jump into one of our course offerings, still keep ACTING. We can help with that - at a price that won't break the bank.

Explore "The Practice"

The On-Camera Training Program

We took our ground breaking On-Camera Training Program, moved it online, loaded it up with tons more engagement, and made it more effective than ever before.

If you want to change the way you look at acting, and develop a fierce strategy for booking on camera roles; If you want interaction with your teachers in a format that blows traditional in-studio classes out of the water,



Click on a class below for more details

If a class is full, jump on the WAITLIST.
We really do see movement on the waitlists, and we can sometimes add a new class!

The Advanced Classes

We occasionally offer advanced classes outside of our regular curriculum, one of our most popular being the ADV TV/Film class that focuses exclusively on larger roles in television and film.

Our advanced classes are a great opportunities for actors who have completed our 3 Level program to continue to hone their skills and work new material in classes that are designed to be taken repeatedly.

Most of our advanced classes require an application for admittance.
Students are not required to have taken our 3 level program, but it is highly recommended. 

  • Want to increase your bookings? Take the 3-Level On-Camera Training Program.
  • Happy with your bookings and want to grow your art further? Check out the Advanced options below.


If we are currently offering Advanced Electives they will be listed below. Click on a class to learn more.

Hear what our students have to say about our On-Camera Classes:

Aisling Colon

"Take it! If you put in the work, you will grow your craft, become proficient and confident in self-tapes for auditions, and become a part of a wonderful community of lovely people.

Larry Yando

"I haven’t TAKEN a class, an acting class, in MANY years. I am so happy to have taken this one, and to have broken the trend! I’ve always said that I’ve never stopped trying to learn new things, to understand the incomprehensible, ACTING. It’s always seemed like an ongoing quest.

And I've always found myself hitting a large hurtle when it came to on-camera work.

Fortunately, I have worked, pretty much, consistently in the theatre. Challenges, new ideas, new solutions, MAGIC, happened for me THERE. It allowed me to “go around” that on-camera hurtle, and pretend I didn’t mind that I wasn’t jumping it.

The truth is, however, I desperately wanted to tackle it. As years passed, it just seemed like I had missed that bus, and I knew I would always regret it.

Turns out, it’s never too late. My friend suggested this class, the theatres had been shut down, I had time.


I can’t recommend the class, and Sean, enough! Not only was it constantly enlightening, but, it was fun. Hard work and fun. I guess that makes sense. They go together, I think."

Stella R-L

"I couldn't recommend the Green Room enough. The teachers truly care about the students and go above and beyond for them.

Online class really pushes you to be consistent, and spend more time on your scenes than you would in person (honestly sometimes for in person class I would just wing it because of work, school etc.) So HAVING to have your scenes submitted really pushed me to be more organized and work more on my personal process for self tapes and breaking down the scenes. Then having to perform your scene LIVE gives you another chance to perfect it and mimics that in person audition feel because you know your classmates are watching you. I liked being able to practice "working under pressure" so to speak.

I feel that new concepts we learned will be SO helpful in real auditions. Like when it's appropriate to improvise, and when it's best to stick to the script.

Overall, I feel way more confident in front of the camera and how I should approach the scene. I also learned to release myself from the outcome- maybe I'll book it, maybe I won't, but instead just be myself, complete the actions, and have fun!"

Brian Garvens

"If you're going to do it, DO IT! It's worth your time, but don't half-ass it.

I was in a class with career, accomplished actors (that I never thought would need to take a class like this), which just goes to show how valuable it is and how we always need to be searching for new insight.

The material is approachable, relatable, personable, and professional. Sean's career experience makes it so easy for him to break it down to the basics, for anyone.

I took this course because it was the training that some of my favorite Chicago actors have taken, and now I understand why they work all of the time.

If you are SERIOUS about your career, don't want to keep spinning tires, are just getting started, or even if you've been doing alright, this program will change your life.

TAKE THIS COURSE (and probably any other from them). I wish I had all of the money and all of the time to just sit down and work with them for a year straight."

Chip Payos

"The teachers at The Green Room will take good care of you, will zone in to your problem areas and show you tools to make you truly hone your craft."

Lani S.

"I highly recommend the on camera classes. Its quality practical training you can apply to your work right away. The online class format is really ideal for on camera training because you’re doing on camera work with everything you do! It’ll get you set up for sending out great self tapes and great on camera acting. Plus its really fun!!

Will Kadza

"Go for it! Lots of benefits, including technique, knowledge, and confidence!"

Louie Cordon

"I wholeheartedly recommend taking classes at The Green Room! You get a ton of practice, and concepts for commercials, TV, and Film are broken down in easy to understand ways. I got to take classes digitally, and they have been so helpful in making sure I feel confident for self-tapes and virtual auditions. If you're looking to practice and learn in this digital format and the on-camera world in general, you will get an amazing acting workout here! Do it!"


This is the best on camera acting class I have found in Chicago. You learn strategy, as well as acting techniques and on camera concepts that prepare you to book!

Valerie Butler-Newbern

"This course is beneficial for actors at all stages in their career. It will definitely teach you what’s needed to book an audition. You will finish this class with a renewed level of confidence in your ability. And for newbies like me a whole new set of tools in your acting toolkit. It was truly a class worth taking and I can’t wait to take On Camera 2!"


"Hey Sean! Just booked my first spokesperson role for a commercial today!!! I can't help but to feel indebted to you and all that you and Ann have taught me in class. The last time I finished your class, I booked my first co-star role on Chicago Med. This time upon leaving, a commercial. After 2020(+), I just knew that taking your class is what I needed to do to jump back into the game and I was right!  I know you are putting in lots of extra hours on this and going above and beyond what anyone else in town would do for their students. I tell everyone I meet to take your classes if they want to start seriously working as an actor. Thank you so much."

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