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Yeah, it's time. Let's do this VO thing.

Maybe you're a stage actor, or a screen actor, or an improvisor.
Maybe people just tell you that you've got a great voice.
And maybe... you wanna make money with a mic.

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Our INTRODUCTION to VOICE-OVER course is a powerful FLEX COACHED class that lets you work on your own schedule and gives you more content than we could ever fit into a 6-week live Zoom class!

-  70 targeted lessons - 28 assignments - 7 flex-coached assignments - Over 5 hours of video lectures and discussions - Peer feedback and discussion - Bonus Home Studio Setup course - all on YOUR schedule -

Introduction to Voice Over

focuses on the most common pathway to a viable voice over career - radio and TV commercial work. We use scripts from the commercial world to develop microphone and storytelling techniques that will prove useful in all areas of VO.

This is NOT a class where we will be teaching how to land that next big cartoon voice for an upcoming Disney animated feature. If you're new to VO - the cold hard truth is that animation is usually the LAST step in building a VO career, and animation is an exclusive club populated heavily by very established actors and celebrities. 

But loads of money can be made along the the way, and tons of actors find their full-time careers in VO markets like commercials, audiobooks, promos, non-broadcast, elearning, videogames, toys, phone systems, and much, much more.

You'll leave this course with an understanding of all the various markets, a solid foundation in mic technique, and a rock solid approach to ACTING the STORY in tv and radio commercials with nothing but your voice.

70 Lessons

On topics including:

  • An understanding of the major categories of Voice Over
  • How to research styles and style drift
  • How to use your unique self to land a read
  • Booth Etiquette and Mic Technique 
  • How to record auditions at home 
  • Fundamentals of VO storytelling
  • How to successfully deliver reads in commercial announcer (tv & radio), radio dialogue commercials, and more.
  • How to annotate a script
  • How to deal with improvisation on commercial scripts
  • Next steps for your career!

    SO much more than just a self-paced course. And it's designed to be an awful lot like the workflow of REAL WORLD professional auditions. 

    You work, polish, record, and submit your performance on specific assignments, and one of our VO professionals will give you detailed recorded feedback as they listen through your tracks and point out what needs work and what is spot on. 

    Be confident that you are implementing the lessons successfully. Finish the course with a game plan specific to where YOU are at in your reads, just as you would with a live class. 

    28 Assignments

    With way more content and assignments than we could ever fit into a 6 week live Zoom class, you won't just learn ABOUT voice over - you will DO IT. And do it some more. And more. Till you own it.

    7 of these assignments are flex-coached assignments. 21 more are opportunities to get peer feedback and sharpen your ear as you listen to the work of other classmates. All of them will build the foundation of a career.

    Bonus Course

    Intro VO comes with a rock solid game plan for a starter professional home VO setup AND shows you how to use it... but our bonus course goes even deeper into home VO studio options and helps take the mystery out of how your kit may grow as your career progresses. 

    Over 5 hours of video

    In a live class, most of your time is spent watching other actors work their lessons. The self-paced format lets us focus all on YOU. And we've loaded it with more specialized tips and tricks and concepts, and in a more focused structure than we could ever tackle when managing a group of live students. Best part is - you can watch it over and over again so you don't miss a thing.

    You are not alone

    We believe in the value of listening to others work. So we've got a built in community, and the ability to give and receive peer feedback on loads of the assignments. Ask questions. Share your experiences. Network. There is no "self" in "Self-Paced". At least not here. You are not alone.

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    When does this class start?
    It's always open! Register today and start working immediately. Our teachers are standing by and ready to work with you on your reads.
    Why don't you make this a class with live weekly meetings?

    Because we can teach you SO much more in this format. Seriously. There's 28 assignments built into this beast. 70 lessons. A 6 week class? Typically about 6 assignments. It doesn't take a voice-over-scientist to do that math...

    Because a much larger percentage of your time is spent focusing on YOUR work, and not sitting listening to other people work their material during a 3 hour class once a week. Learning from others is important, and we've got that built into this course. But you are able to do that on your own time.

    Because it's hard for folks to carve out 3 hours in their evenings once a week. VO is a career that many people fit into THEIR schedule. Need to record auditions over your lunch hour? Can't get to stuff until after the baby is asleep for the night? Well, that might be the best time for you to STUDY voice over as well!

    Because this is how the VO industry works in real life. Our homework recording and submission process has a very similar flow to how you do auditions in the professional world. So we build good habits from the beginning.

    Are the Flex-Coaching sessions live? What are they?

    No. Flex coaching means you record your takes for that assignment, then submit them on the platform. (Don't worry- we thoroughly teach you how to record and share your VO work!)

    Our teachers then record themselves in a review session where they listen through your homework  - so you can hear what they are hearing. They'll walk you through the whole thing giving notes along the way. They'll point out what you are doing that is working, and what you need to work on to bring your reads inline with current styles and that lesson's objectives. They'll give you detailed notes on that particular performance and what you should focus on in the future.

    They will be there for you - and are looking at your overall progress. All we took out of the equation is the scheduling difficulties!

    I've already taken an Intro VO course and want a live class.

    Well what the heck did you click on this page for then!

    We do offer an ADVANCED VO class that is a 6-week Live ZOOM class.

    But if you are feeling like you could still use a stronger foundation we're sure there's a lot of info in this course to make it worth your while! If you want to reach out to us with examples of your work we could help you decide what's right for you.

    Let's do this

    A career in Voice-Over?
    Yes please.

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