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Contact Us - about One-On-One Coaching (adults or kids)

Sorry for the runaround, but we have a whole separate page dedicated to coaching. CLICK HERE for coaching questions.

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Some FAQ's to help save you some time!

Do you offer classes for beginners?

For our Kids & Teens classes we work with beginners and experts alike! 😁

For our Adult Classes it depends on the class... There is typically an FAQ section right below each list of classes and we address this question there. You'll find this below our On-Camera classes, our Advanced Electives classes, as well as our Voice-Over classes.

But the short (long) answer is:

We do allow students into some of the programs who have limited to no experience in their acting careers BASED ON AN INITIAL EVALUATION.

Click HERE to apply for a free evaluation

If you are applying for an evaluation, do know that the ability to be present and real in a performance before starting class is a NECESSITY. But we've seen many a success in the fresh, honest approach of students who come to the table WITHOUT the baggage of an indelibly ingrained acting process (i.e. no training).

Don’t let your inexperience frighten you away. If on-camera acting is your passion... building acting fundamentals in an on-camera setting may be a better choice than starting out in stage-focused acting classes. Better to just do the free evaluation than jump in with false confidence though.

But if you feel like you might want basic acting classes first, feel free to drop us an email above and we can chat with you about some other acting studios that do a really great job with more general acting fundamentals.

These classes entails a high level of commitment and will often NOT be the easy ride that the beginner might expect in an acting class.

That said, we've had LOADS of people new to the acting world prove to be very successful by starting out their journey in our programs.

Again, contact us for an evaluation if you'd like to be considered. It's not an "audition". We just want to prevent students from mistakenly investing money on a program that might move too quickly for them at this point in their journey.

Can I audit a class before registering?

We value the classroom as a space of vulnerability and experimentation for our students, and unfortunately having guests sit in to observe changes that dynamic for both student and teacher alike. In order to foster the willingness to learn through "failure" we currently do not offer audits.

But we totally understand your desire to check us out before you register!

If you've perused our website, joined our free network and checked out all the free content there (webinars, mini courses, etc) and still have questions about how it would be to work with us live, use one of the contact forms above to let us know. We will try to schedule you for an upcoming live Q&A with a teacher and other interested students or reach out to you one on one.

Which level of the On-Camera Training Program should I start out in?

The first level. Read the info on the Screen Acting web page as to why. 

We don't advance place people into levels 2 & 3.

I know you have lots of experience.
So read the "Note to the Experienced Actor" on the Screen Acting page.
It's right below where you sign up for class. The best class you'll ever take. Level 1.

We are MUCH quicker at responding if you use the above contact forms (there's no one in the office dedicated to answering phones) but if you need to reach us by phone or visit the studio by appointment, here's the details!

1915 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622