Professional training for Kids & Teens

Our curriculum is known to be far more in depth than a typical "kids" acting class. We train them in all the same ways we train our adults.

We take a rigorous approach. We challenge our students to relook at how screen acting works. But we also know they wanna have some fun along the way.
So we bring in clowns.
So we have fun.

We focus on cultivating self

Most all of our teachers have experience in the casting room, and we know that bringing your true self to that space is crucial. We give our kids and teens the SKILLS they need to share their actions and choices more honestly, creatively, and EFFECTIVELY on screen (and in life).

Yes, students come to us to learn to become effective artists in the professional marketplace. But some just take our classes for the experience, with no intention of pursuing a career. We've heard from countless parents how the self esteem and confidence gained from owning the skills of this highly visible contemporary art form - is invaluable.


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Hear what our students have to say about our Kids & Teens Classes:

Giovanni's mom-

"My son's talent agency suggested the Green Room for my son after a year of auditions with no callbacks. My son learned so much! Two months after finishing classes at the Green Room, my son booked a SAG national commercial, for which he and I were both flown first-class to the set in LA. It was like a dream! The client kept my son on for a total of 10 SAG national commercials! He has a quite a college savings now. I credit the Green Room with giving him not only the tools to book the job, but also the tools to keep the job. Thank you Green Room!!!"

Alla R.-

"I can't thank enough my daughter's teachers for all the fun she had in class and the knowledge she acquired at the Green Room studio. Sasha booked her first (SAG) commercial two weeks after the class ended. She booked another SAG commercial shortly thereafter and is about to become a union member a month after turning 6! We will definitely take more Green Room classes down the road as they were invaluable for both me and my daughter!"

Aidan's mom-

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you and Anne do. Aidan took your on-camera class in the fall and learned so much! Not to mention the business talk and phone calls were so helpful to me as a parent. Since taking your class Aidan has been cast in numerous small projects, even ones where he had to come in and do a monologue! He also just auditioned for a network pilot. We used your memorization techniques and he felt very confident before the audition. It has been so much fun to see his confidence grow these past few months and I know your class had so much to do with that. So Thank You!!!!"

Andy A.-

"Thanks for the great opportunity for Isabelle to take classes with you and work on her auditioning skills. We also learned a lot at the parent's session Saturday. Look forward to Isabelle taking another session there!"

Olia K.-

"Jaden says hi to you. I have to tell you that after he took your class last summer he started getting auditions all the time!  And he had callbacks for almost every National Commercial he auditioned for.  I am sure that your class made a huge difference!"

Darren D-

"I had a blast taking zoom classes at the Green Room. I learned how to commit to a character and received lots of positive feedback!"


"Thank you so much for such a great class!!  Joe had a wonderful, fun learning experience - he always felt encouraged and cheered on and I know he was able to develop as an actor by being in this class.  He's received a bunch of auditions over the last two weeks and so the class has been perfect timing for him to start to apply what he's learned.  As a new parent to all of this, I've been thankful to learn some things along with him (those videos were fantastic!) - there seems to be a lot to learn for parents too!"

Lily S.-

"I love EVERYTHING about The Green Room!  I love the teachers, I love learning new things, and I love pushing myself to become better every lesson I have.  They are so encouraging and tell us we CAN be actors and actresses through hard work and patience.  That means SO much to me.  I would be there every single day if I could be!  It's my FAVORITE place in the world to be!"

Gail S.-

"I have found the Green Room acting classes for kids are a perfect combination of personal coaching and fun!  They are like a private acting coach giving valuable individual feedback coupled with the energetic, group interaction of an improv & acting class.  My daughter has taken a number of sessions not only maintaining what she has learned, but also being introduced to new material each time.  I have been impressed by the way the instructors always find areas of personal growth for her, I can really see a difference in the cumulative progress over a number of sessions.   She just finished filming a commercial a few weeks ago, thank you Green Room for all the great audition advice!"

Alaina J-

"Our experience with The Green Room for our sons has been outstanding. First, as the boy's' introduction to on-camera technique - the teachers are kind, patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. Our boys have very different personalities, yet Anne and Leah worked amazingly well with both - giving both them and us as parents strategies to work on the areas they were less confident in as well as playing up to their strengths. The children's work is always made available for viewing, typically within 24 hours, which is an invaluable tool for the child to see and understand how their performance translates to the screen. Second - for on-going technique and scene study, they have a clear understanding of and enjoyment for working with children. Breaking down a scene that may have content a child does not yet fully understand in a way that creates an opportunity for that child to give his or her best performance is no easy task. Yet Anne and Leah manage to do this and make it seem easy and, from my elder son's report, wholly enjoyable. We have enthusiastically recommended The Green Room to many other parents, both for children who are looking for a new activity and for those who have an interest or previous experience in the entertainment industry."


"Our daughter has been working with Anne for several months, both participating in classes and one-on-one coaching sessions.  We have been very impressed with Anne’s knowledge, approach, and ability to break down unfamiliar concepts in simple to understand steps.  Our daughter has made tremendous progress.  Anne has a wonderful perspective, understands the industry, and always provides straight forward, honest critique and advice.  We are very grateful to be working with Anne!"

Kimberly Williams Burton, CSA-

"Whenever I see The Green Room's training on a child's or teen's resume I'm likely to bring them in for an audition because I know they'll come in with experience in front of the camera.  

They know what to expect in the audition room, are more comfortable being themselves, and their performances tend to be more natural AND creative!"

Jeni C-

"My daughter's agent told us about class at The Green Room Studio and we were very excited to try it out.  When we arrived we were greeted by friendly outgoing staff and felt super comfy!  The kids went behind a black curtain to do their class while the parents were able to sit in seats on the opposite side of the curtain in order to hear what was going on in class.  This is great because we could then practice what the kids learned in class.  Lots of laughing while learning was taking place during class! Ideal! After class, my daughter talked about it all the way home! She loved it!  Later, the studio emailed us the footage that was taken during class.  This is a GREAT teaching technique so that the kids can see themselves on film as well as see other children!  We watched this footage over and over.  Then I noticed all week long she was practicing what she had learned, in the mirror, with her barbies, in the car and even with my husband and I! Needless to say we enrolled her right away. I would highly recommend this class!"

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