To be an actor, you must act.

To be a screen actor, you must act on screen. Regularly.
To be a voice actor, you must act on microphone. Regularly.

If you are just waiting around to book that role, or waiting to land that agent, or waiting to meet that new casting director, you are not an actor.

You are a waiter.

(Not that kind of waiter.)
(Well... maybe that kind of waiter... but we like that kind of waiter...)

Join THE PRACTICE membership
- Weekly Assignments - LIVE online teachers - Peer Workouts - Concept Discussions - Audition Feedback & Guidance - and more -

Be a practicing artist. 

The ballet dancer does barre work. Not to perform onstage, but to perfect the instrument.

The practicing actor exercises and explores their craft. NOT ONLY when they have an audition. Not only when they prepare for a job.

It's tough to act alone. You don't have to.

Weekly Assignments in Commercials, TV/Film, & Voiceover

LIVE video calls with instructors

Weekly Workout Groups

Develop your director's eye with peer reviews

Massive Script Vaults

Mobile app to engage anywhere


is motivated artists coming together in an online community (that is NOT on facebook) to explore the art of voice and screen acting, to find new ways to approach their craft, and to be challenged deeper than ever before.

But it goes WAY beyond a place to make posts and have discussions threads. It's assignments. It's LIVE events. It's actually PRACTICING  together.


Peer Collaboration

Review each other's work.
Read for each other's self-tapes.
Share each other's discoveries.

Sean Bradley

Teacher Guided

Focused assignments so your practice has purpose.

LIVE video calls where you can get expert direction.

A pursuit done once a month is an interest.
A pursuit done once a week is a major focus.
A pursuit done every day is who you are.

Make your acting a part of WHO YOU ARE.

Weekly Assignments

We will give you curated weekly assignments to address specific concepts in:

  • TV Commercials
  • Film / TV roles
  • Voice Over work

Workout Groups

It's like a class without a teacher. (But sometimes our teachers show up anyway!) Just because you're not in a class right now doesn't mean you shouldn't be acting every week.

Work on one of our curated assignments, or bring in your own material.

And be prepared not only to grow as an actor, but as a director. Learning to communicate actionable adjustments to your fellow actors is incredibly valuable to your own ability to take direction.


Concept Discussions

Each week we will focus on a particular concept of performance and share thoughts with the community on how we can explore the ideas in our work. This will often go hand in hand with the weekly assignments.

At The Green Room we don't  believe that art is JUST about letting go, being spontaneous, and hoping something good shows up. We believe in acting with a purpose. We explore tools and build our physical and vocal language to achieve that purpose.

Mock Auditions

Want your REAL professional auditions to find their top potential?

Submit your weekly assignments as you would your real auditions, and get feedback on what works, and what needs work.

LIVE video calls

Each week we host LIVE video calls. Join us and work with a teacher on whatever you want. Or just join in the conversation!

Script Sourcing

Never run out of material to work on again.

Wanna brush up on your commercial game but don't know how to find scripts? We've got you covered. VO? That too. And yeah- loads and loads of TV & Film. We'll help you find material to PRACTICE on!

Take it on the go

Next time you are waiting in line at Trader Joe's, get off facebook and engage in your career. Review someone's self tape. Watch that week's concept video. Put a call out for a reader on a self tape audition...

We've got a mobile app for that.

What the Typical Week Looks Like

The Practice is a community - and it works on community engagement. So what each week looks like depends on how much you decide to engage. There's much more going on than our curated structure. BUT, we don't just leave it up to the members to create engagement...

We provide a weekly structure.

Below is a walk through all of the SCHEDULED engagements that you will typically see in a given week. We are all actors here, so schedules do vary at time to time to accommodate bookings and auditions of your hosts too!

And we are including in the description some of the weekly engagements that are part of the FREE community network as well so you can see how they all fit together.

We are NOT including the WORKOUT GROUPS into this schedule below, because those tend to be a bit more schedule fluid.


Who is this for?

The Practice is not for everyone. We want to keep this a valuable resource for professional artists that want to keep their work fresh and competitive.

This is not for beginners

If you are new to the industry and looking to figure out how things work, this is not where you will find that. The Practice is a place where peers both GIVE and TAKE... and without industry experience you just won't have the ability to GIVE to the membership YET. But take some classes. Get on set. Get into that professional audition room, and come on back and join us!

This is not a replacement for classes

Please don't jump into the membership as a way to save money on classes! We don't even care if you take classes from someone else... but if you have no screen or voice acting experience you REALLY should take at least A class in your discipline of interest. Seriously. We are not trying to upsell you here. We want you to have a valuable base of experience to build from and to share from.

Classes have a structured curriculum and focused teacher attention. In The Practice, yes, we give out assignments, and yes there is opportunity for teacher engagement. But we will not be taking you from point A to point E.  We are exploring and working out all over the alphabet. Please make sure to learn the language first!

This is for you if...

It's so hard to put absolute values on resume entries to determine someone's level of "experience". We've seen some pretty green actors do some pretty darn amazing stuff - and prove to have some valuable insight. But these might be some useful benchmarks.

Do any of these apply?:

  • You've been actively working in the screen acting or voice over marketplace professionally (beyond student films and low budget indie films).
  • You have an agent in the professional market and are actively auditioning. 
  • You've graduated from a university or conservatory with an acting degree AND have at least taken class in screen acting or VO.
  • You've taken multiple standard professional acting classes, as well as screen acting or VO classes in the professional marketplace but have not done much theater nor a conservatory/college program. If this is where you fall, you may want to checkout the evaluation option below...

Again- it's so hard to peg down someone's abilities with a checklist. We're sure there are people who would fit the above and struggle in the membership. Likewise there are newer folks who would have something to offer right away.

If you have ANY question on whether this is right for you, feel free to connect with us for an easy evaluation!

THE PRACTICE - Membership

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Engage in your art like never before. Find the results in your career that you are looking for. Join us.

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