The art and SCIENCE

of  Screen Acting

To be an actor, you must act.

To be a screen actor, you must act on screen. Regularly.
To be a voice actor, you must act on microphone. Regularly.

If you are just waiting around to book that role, or waiting to land that agent, or waiting to meet that new casting director, you are not an actor.

You are a waiter.

(Not that kind of waiter.)
(Well... maybe that kind of waiter... but we like that kind of waiter...)

-  Weekly Assignments - LIVE online teachers - Peer Workouts - Concept Discussions - Help with your Auditions - Feedback & Guidance - and more -


is motivated artists coming together in an online community in live meetings to work on pending auditions, dive into scripts for practice, dig into new concepts to push their work forward in the art of voice and screen acting, and to be challenged deeper than ever before.

This is NOT a facebook group! And it goes WAY beyond a place to make posts and have discussions threads. It's assignments. It's LIVE weekly events and engagement. It's actually PRACTICING  together.

Weekly Assignments

We will give you curated weekly assignments to address specific concepts in:

  • TV Commercials
  • Film / TV roles
  • Voice Over work

LIVE Office Hours

Just because you're not in a class right now doesn't mean you shouldn't be acting every week. Multiple times every week.

Work on one of our curated assignments, or bring in your own material. 

Got a real audition to polish? Get coaching!

Industry question about your career? Get answers.

3 daytime and 1-2 evening Office Hours per week!

Concept Discussions

At The Green Room we don't  believe that art is JUST about letting go, being spontaneous, and hoping something good shows up. We believe in acting with a purpose. We explore tools and build our physical and vocal language to achieve that purpose.

Mock Auditions

Want your REAL professional auditions to find their top potential?

Submit your weekly assignments as you would your real auditions, and get feedback on what works, and what needs work.

Workout Groups

It's like a class without the teacher! Be prepared not only to grow as an actor, but as a director. Learning to communicate actionable adjustments to your fellow actors is incredibly valuable to your own ability to take direction.

Script Sourcing

Never run out of material to work on.

Wanna brush up on your commercial game but don't know how to find scripts? We've got you covered. VO? That too. And yeah- loads and loads of TV & Film. We'll help you find material to PRACTICE on!

Take it on the go

Next time you are waiting in line at Trader Joe's, get off instagram and engage in your career. Review someone's self-tape. Watch an office hours review. Put a call out for a reader on a self-tape audition...

We've got a mobile app for that.

What the Typical Week Looks Like

The Practice is a community - and it works on community engagement. So what each week looks like depends on how much you decide to engage. There's much more going on than our curated structure. BUT, we don't just leave it up to the members to create engagement...

We provide a weekly structure.

Below is a walk through all of the SCHEDULED engagements that you will typically see in a given week. We are all actors here, so schedules do vary at time to time to accommodate bookings and auditions of your hosts too!

And we are including in the description some of the weekly engagements that are part of the FREE community network as well so you can see how they all fit together.

We are NOT including the WORKOUT GROUPS into this schedule below, because those tend to be a bit more schedule fluid.

And we also have a special evening Office Hours meeting each month with our LA based actor/author Chris Agos that is not listed below.

See Weekly Schedule Example
  • MONDAY - Set up a peer led workout group. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes to put together a self-tape of one of the assignments. Reach out to the group to get help on an audition you have. There's no structured activities today, but your fellow members are here to engage.
  • TUESDAY - We have our first LIVE OFFICE HOURS of the week. This one is usually at 9am CT. (These are live ZOOM video meetings that are led by a Green Room instructor. There are three each week, and we try to spread them around - currently they are typically during daytime hours. These meets may at times get moved to an adjacent day depending on teacher availability.) Live meets are the best place to get your questions answered in real time, work on a part of a scene or audition with a teacher, get feedback on self tapes, etc. If you can't make it to one of the live meets that week don't worry. We record them and post them so you can watch later! 
  • WEDNESDAY - We send out the that week's optional ASSIGNMENTS. We curate assignments each week in three categories: TV/Film, Commercial, and VO. You engage with the assignments as you wish. Our design is that each member will record a "mock audition recording" of at least one assignment each week and SUBMIT them to the group in the appropriate area on our site... and that the group will then give peer reviews of each other's work based on guidelines we provide. And there's TWO LIVE OFFICE HOURS meetings on Wednesday (currently 9am and 6pm).
  • THURSDAY-  is typically the first peer led Workout Group after the assignments are released. It's a great place to bring unfinished performances and start WORKING them with your peers! And there's another LIVE OFFICE HOURS meeting on Thursday - often around noon CT.
  • FRIDAY- We will end the week with our WEEKLY RECAP and CHALLENGE CHECK-IN post. In the recap we will share with you highlights from the previous week's Office Hours in case you missed them and provide links to any recordings. The Challenge Check-in is a place for the Inner Circle Members to share the challenges they had that past week while working on the assignments. That might mean sharing a certain beat in their scene that they couldn't figure out. Or that they just couldn't shake the "spokesperson feel" on a particular VO script.
  • THE WEEKEND- is your time to do with what you please! We know everyone's schedule is different. We put the assignments out on Wednesdays so that people have time during the week to work on them ... and others can use the weekend to work on them instead! If you need to wait till the weekend to engage with the material, you still have Monday & Tuesday to get into a workout group, engage with peers with self tapes, or visit one of the office hours for feedback on that weeks material (or your real auditions!)

The Routine

You'll find that everyone has a different routine, and it may take a few weeks for you to find yours.

Some people use the practice exclusively as a place to bring their real auditions into office hours to get some instructor guidance or a little practice time in. They use The Practice as an "Audition Coach".

Some people take advantage of as many of the weekly assignments and bring their work to office hours for review. They use The Practice like an ongoing on-camera or voice-over class.

Some people aren't able to attend ANY office hours, and just submit their work on the assignments for feedback through the platform, or perhaps they watch the office hours recaps for inspiration.

What ever your routine is, you can find a way to stay connected with your work and with other artists who can support and motivate you.

When are the LIVE meetings?

These may change from time to time - but typically the LIVE OFFICE HOURS are:

TUES 9-10am CT

WED 9-10am CT

WED 6-7pm CT

THUR 12-1pm CT

and an additional monthly office hours w/ author Chris Agos that typically lands on a Monday at 5pm CT, but may differ month to month.

What about the Workouts?

The Workout Groups are a peer-led portion of the membership and so are dependent upon member participation. To get the most out of the workout groups, you need to be engaged and MOTIVATE your peers to show up and work!

Workouts are live ZOOM calls where members can log in and work with eachother just like an online acting class - just pee

We know it takes some gumption to meet new kids on the playground... and it can be tough to log into a zoom workout group if you don't know who's gonna be there! We've got a great platform where you can see the RSVP's and you can create posts to encourage others to join on any given night. If you make some noise, others will follow. And you don't have to stick around for a whole workout group! Hop on for 15 minutes and lend a helping hand, or get a bit of advice!

When do they take place? Depends on interest and availability. We will try to make sure that the offerings are spread out so that you can find one on the weekend, weeknight or weekday. Best part is - YOU can put a workout group on the schedule that the rest of the membership can see (or a private one if you wish!)

Work the way YOU want

We hope you engage as much as possible. But we know there will be weeks that you have to just sit on the sidelines and observe. Even if you are find yourself in a place where you can't record your assignments for a while, do what you can to keep an eye on your craft. That might mean simply reviewing someone else's work. Or hopping into a workout group as an observer. Or maybe just checking in with that week's poll. But keep yourself in a space where you CAN get back in the game when the time is right. Don't beat yourself up for missing an assignments!

Honestly, we know actors, and we figure people will probably wind up picking ONE of the three assignments each week, and maybe jumping into one workout and one LIVE MEET. But feel free to do ALL or none on any given week!


Who is this for?

The Practice is not for everyone. We want to keep this a valuable resource for professional artists that want to keep their work fresh and competitive.

This is not for beginners

If you are new to the industry and looking to figure out how things work, this is not where you will find that. The Practice is a place where peers both GIVE and TAKE... and without experience you just won't have the ability to GIVE to the membership YET. But take some classes. Get on set. Get into that professional audition room, and come on back and join us!

This is not a replacement for classes

Please don't jump into the membership as a way get into acting without spending money on classes! We don't even care if you take classes from someone else... but if you have no screen or voice acting experience you REALLY should take at least a class or two in your discipline of interest. Seriously. We are not trying to upsell you here. We want you to have a valuable base of experience to build from and to share from.

Classes have a structured curriculum and focused teacher attention. In The Practice, yes, we give out assignments, and yes there is loads of teacher engagement. But we will not be taking you from point A to point E.  We are exploring and working out all over the alphabet. Please make sure to learn the language first!

This is for you if...

It's so hard to put absolute values on resume entries to determine someone's level of "experience". We've seen some pretty green actors do some pretty darn amazing stuff. But these might be some useful benchmarks.

Do any of these apply?:

  • You've been actively working in the screen acting or voice over marketplace professionally (beyond student films and low budget indie films).
  • You have an agent in the professional market and are actively auditioning for professional work. 
  • You've graduated from a university or conservatory with an acting degree AND have at least taken a class in screen acting or voice over.
  • You've taken multiple standard professional acting classes, (including screen acting or VO classes) but have not done much theater nor a conservatory/college program. 

Again- it's so hard to peg down someone's abilities with a checklist. We're sure there are people who would fit the above and struggle in the membership. Likewise there are newer folks who would have something to offer right away.

If you have ANY question on whether this is right for you, feel free to connect with us for an easy evaluation!

THE PRACTICE - Membership

$49 / month 

Engage in your art like never before.
Find the results in your career that you are looking for.

Join "The Practice"

Hear what our students have to say about

The Practice:

Kelly Nesheim

"Jen and Robyn are so welcoming and informative! Their insight and different approaches to voiceover really helped me learn how to analyze scripts and embrace the unique qualities of my own voice. I've taken the Intro to VO and Advanced VO classes and really love the online format, it allows for more time to work on scripts during class. You get to learn mic techniques, breaking down scripts, and the ins and outs of working as a voiceover actor. Robyn and Jen really set you up for success! Since taking VO classes with them, I've made a demo and have gotten VO representation. I'll definitely be taking classes with them again."

    Katharine Jordan

"If you are looking to get into Audiobooks this will answer many of your questions about the business. Audiobooks have been something I have been considering for some time, but I felt I just didn't know enough to jump in confidently. I am so grateful Lisa was willing to share her wealth of knowledge, which she has gathered through many years of experience in the business. She was able to answer all our questions and give great feedback to the sample readings we worked on in class. This is an amazing workshop with a ton of  valuable information on many different facets of the work that goes into audiobooks and elements of the industry. A worthwhile afternoon for someone without the time to dedicate to a full session of classes."

Christopher V.

"Three great people helmed my class.  Robyn, Jennifer and Sean - you guys Really put in a great effort.  Best part is the stuff you bring is pure awesome.  Thank you for hosting this and working so hard to help us in our studies."

Freddie Mercury

"I never took class at The Green Room. But I am curious to see if you are actually reading this. I've got my eye on you. And I have the best voice ever."