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Here you'll find links to the legal aspects of our business. We want to make sure we treat you with the care and respect you deserve, and we also want to make sure we can give you the best experience possible. So here's some clarity and transparency.

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Cancellations and Refunds

Details on cancellation policies and Refunds are specific to each offer, and are clearly spelled out on the checkout pages. But for a general idea of what those terms may look like CLICK HERE

Covid Policy

Details on the agreement you make when you register for any in-person classes at our studio. CLICK HERE

Make-Ups Policy

Details on what you can do if you miss a class week that you are registered for. CLICK HERE

Privacy Policy

Details on how we handle your data that you voluntarily provide to us as you use our site. CLICK HERE

Site Terms

The details about how you may interact with our business. CLICK HERE


We enjoy providing information to you and this lets you know the boundaries of what we can provide. CLICK HERE 

Cookie Policy

Details about what cookies are in use on our site and how that helps us serve you in our best capacity and how you can decide to interact with them or not. CLICK HERE

Affiliate Disclaimer

Access to our little black book of tried and true recommendations. CLICK HERE

Earnings Disclaimer

We provide education and information when it comes to starting, growing, and running your acting business and career. We want to make sure that while we provide the highest quality in all we do - we cannon be responsible for the results you achieve in your business. CLICK HERE

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