Make-Ups Policy

Updated Jan 2023 

We know that at times schedules can get in the way. Especially for working actors! At the same time, keeping continuity in the classroom is important for both the group experience, as well as for your own learning. So we've tried to strike a healthy balance with our make-ups policies.

Online Classes:

We love our online formats not only because they tend to see fast growth in our students' work, but also because they offer more flexibility. If you are not able to attend one of the weekly live-zoom classes, you are often still able to watch back the full recording after the fact - AND you can still get feedback on your work for that lesson. Many of our online classes have 2 rounds of self-tape work per week. One that is reviewed mid-week, and one that is reviewed in class before we work the material live. See details for each format below:


Online Adult On-Camera Classes

IF you miss a LIVE class but are able to record both your first and second-round self-tapes on time

 We will still do mid-week reviews AND we will review your second round takes with the class LIVE and give you a note on the general time code where you can find it in the class recording. This will still give you the ability to be on your feet acting and get solid feedback on that week's lesson. You should also watch that week's class recording. There is no limit on this type of "make-up".

IF you miss a LIVE class and are not able to record either (or both) of your self-tape assignments for that week

Let us know in advance! We will still accept second-round self-tape homework after that week has passed as long as the class has not reached its final week. Still do your first-round self-tape, then watch that lesson's concept video. Based on the info in the concept video, do a second-round self-tape and TAG your teacher in your submission! We can then record a screen capture video review of us watching your self-tape and giving you detailed notes. You should also watch that week's class recording. You may use this "make-up" option up to two times (unless other arrangements have been made prior to class registration.)

IF you make it to LIVE class but are unable to get your self-tape assignments in that week

We are typically unable to review homework that comes in late. But PLEASE solidly prepare that week's script so that you can perform it in class. and stay up to speed with the rest of the group.


Online Adult Voice-Over Classes

Similar to our On-Camera classes, but assignments are not structured in quite the same "Round 1, Round 2" way. We will still do reviews of your homework if you miss a week, and you can still watch back the full class recordings! You will still get a pretty full class experience if you need to miss a class. You may use this "make-up" option up to two times (unless other arrangements have been made prior to class registration.)


All One-Day or weekend workshops

We do not offer make-ups, refunds, or credits for missed one-day or weekend workshops.

In-Person Classes:

Please let us know if absences are Covid-19 related and we will offer flexibility with our policies! We do not want students in the studio if they are experiencing Covid-19 related symptoms!

Kids / Teens Class In-Person Policies for multi-week class sessions

● Students are allowed to make up at least two absences. For some specific
situations, we will allow more.
● Students are invited to join the next on-camera session on the corresponding
week they missed. For example, if they missed the second week of their session,
they should come to the second week of the following session. This will allow
them to learn the specific material they missed.
● If that dates work for you, we will mark it on the calendar and remind you the
Monday before the class.
● If it does not, we will try again for the following session or invite them to a
different class.
● On the Monday following your session, you will receive an email with your child’s
specific dates for make-ups.
● Your child has up to a year to make up their absences.
● If your child signs up to join us again for another round of classes, they will be
given more time to make up their previous absences.
● If you have questions, email

All One-Day or weekend workshops

We do not offer make-ups, refunds, or credits for missed one-day or weekend workshops.

Adult In-Person Classes

We are currently not offering in-person classes for adults. We have found that the online curriculum is creating much faster growth and understanding of the material for our students compared to a traditional in-person environment! If we do resume some in-person classes for adults, we anticipate the make-ups policies will be the same as that for our online classes.

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