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Our Flagship Program
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Develop a process that delivers
great performances across all mediums.
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Learn what works in the biz
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On-Camera Training Program

Our flagship program! A technical and results-based approach for on camera work.

Green Room Professional Program

Targets the core acting skills and develops a process effective across all mediums.

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Learn the basics of improvisation, AND how to apply them to On-Camera auditions.

Hey! I just wanted to send a quick thanks to Sean and David. I took level 1 this past Fall, and I just got my first call back. The class was so incredibly helpful to me, and I am hoping to save up to take the next level soon. I just wanted to send a big sincere thank you because I know that just getting to this point means I have improved so much. Have a great day!

– Devin

Thank you for a wonderful class over the last 8 weeks. I learned so much, and feel so much more grounded in this area of auditioning. Again, I really got exactly what I was hoping to out of the class: practical and applicable tools, a sense of knowing how CD's are thinking when they cast, and an empowering release of weird fears and self-criticism/editorialism. So for all that, thanks a bunch.

– Elizabeth W.

Could you please pass this along to David and Sean. I just wanted to let you guys know that I loved your class. It was by far the most beneficial acting class I've ever taken. I can't wait to finish the program.

– Leigh

Just wanted to mention I booked my first episodic (and my first SAG gig) with that new series shooting here, Betrayal! It's got the potential to be recurring (fingers crossed). Couldn't have done it without your excellent training, y'all! It's a baby step, but I'm steppin'...Thanks!

– Jin

I just wanted to thank you two for a really great class and everything that you taught in this past 8 weeks. I feel like I gleaned SO much information in each one, really, and I appreciated being in a class with instructors who know their stuff, didn't waste our time and effort, and kept it real.

– Emily

I can't thank enough my daughter's teachers for all the fun she had in class and the knowledge she acquired at the Green Room studio. Sasha booked her first (SAG) commercial two weeks after the class ended. She booked another SAG commercial shortly thereafter and is about to become a union member a month after turning 6! We will definitely take more Green Room classes down the road as they were invaluable for both me and my daughter!

– Sasha's Mom

Taking GRPP Levels 1-3 was hands down the best money I've spent in the three years I've been acting. I used to make the same mistakes over and over at auditions. Now, I'm getting frequent callbacks - and I'm even starting to get cast in roles that are against type!

– Annelyse Ahmad

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