Stance Against Racism



The artists at The Green Room stand together with the Black community and mourn the loss of countless lives to police brutality. We pledge to redouble efforts to expose racism inherent in our industry, our society, in our business practices, and in our own lives – and we implore all in our community to do the same.


As artists we study communication. But communication is nothing if we are not willing to communicate the truth. And the truth is that things must change. The truth is that this is not a land of equal opportunity – It never has been.


Often as actors we must understand a character through the perspective of self, to explore and expose that truth of self, and share it with the world. This process can fool us into the belief that every circumstance can be understood through one’s own filter. “What would it be like if this were me?” We can’t find understanding down that path alone. We must also LISTEN. These protests are speaking TRUTHS and amplifying voices and we all must LISTEN if humanity is to move forward.


We as an organization are making a commitment to listen, learn, discuss, and take ACTION in order to have a meaningful impact that will move these efforts forward in our community.


While we take the responsibility of this work on ourselves, please know your voice is always welcome be it criticism or encouragement. If you have ideas that will strengthen these efforts, we invite you to share your voice with us.