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The Green Room On Camera Training Program

Our flagship program. Click here to find out more about the program!

ONLINE CLASSES! --- We are now offering an online version of our On-Camera Training through our virtual classroom. Click HERE to check out the classroom and all the free offerings in our new network.

Level 1 - ONLINE

7pm CST
8 weeks
($480 after 1/1)

Level 2 - ONLINE

7pm CST
8 weeks
($480 after 1/1). *prerequisite: Green Room OCTP Level 1

Advanced TV/Film ONLINE


ONLINE CLASSES! --- We have had great success in moving our Voice Over Training online. Register for our performance based classes with weekly meetings below, or see HERE to browse the self-guided courses we offer on Home Studio Kits and Source Connect Setup!

Intro To Voice Over - ONLINE

Voice Over is a great way for a solid actor to diversify their skills! This is a class for actors looking to learn microphone techniques, and to learn the styles of commercial voiceover. Actors will work on multiple scripts each week.
6:00pm CST
6 Weeks
($360 after 12/26)

Advanced Voice Over - ONLINE

This class is designed to provide the experienced voice over actor a home where you can take your reads to the next level. Work on multiple scripts each week on both commercial copy and various other styles as well.

* Prerequisite- Students should have SOME experience inside a VO booth before taking this class. Our "Intro to VO" class or similar experience is the minimum requirement.
6:00pm CST
6 Weeks
($360 after 12/26)

Ear Prompter AND Teleprompter

Check back later to see when this class is offered again! E-mail us and we'll let you know when it's back on the schedule!

Gain more than "proficiency" in these two tools, and open yourself up to more avenues for income in your acting career. Learn the technical requirements as well as acting styles that tend to show up in relation to each type of prompter. Then tap into these potentially lucrative markets!

Leap with Passion into 2021!

Once again, we are thrilled to connect our community with Rhonda Musak of Art & Soul Acting for her powerful end of the year workshop. Please join Rhonda Live/Online for Leap with Passion into 2021!

Ready to say GOODBYE to 2020? If so, then check out the Leap with Passion Workshop!

The annual Leap with Passion is a life-changing 5.5-hour workshop. It is an opportunity for participants to show up for themselves – without distractions – in order to mindfully complete 2020 and then create an inspiring plan for 2021…a plan that will stick. This workshop is perfect for actors and non-actors alike.

Leap with Passion was created by native Chicagoan & NYC transplant, Rhonda Musak.

Check out the Leap with Passion Referral Offer for returning Leapers.

Here's what some past participants are saying about the workshop:

"What a perfect way to start a new year: with clear focus and passionate vitality!" ~ Andrew Rothkin

"Attending the workshop online this year, I felt Rhonda’s gentle guiding presence just as powerfully as when I attended the live workshop. It still felt like she was in the room with me!" ~ Kim Chinh

"Rhonda Musak's amazing Leap With Passion workshop offers a structured, inspiring, creative approach to defining where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to be." ~ Gareth Hendee

"Rhonda Musak offered an incredible "glimpse" into a hopeful future with this workshop!" ~ Kim Corcoran

"Attend “Leap with Passion” and start your year off with a fresh eyes and fervent action." ~ Stephanie Joiner

Read more about Rhonda, Leap with Passion, and Art & Soul Acting on her website: Art & Soul Acting and then register below!
11:00am-4:30pm CST Live/Online via Zoom
Rhonda Musak
11:00am-4:30pm CST Live/Online via Zoom
Rhonda Musak

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Recent Blog Posts

by Steven Ivcich

There’s a big difference between understanding your lines and bringing them to
life in an audition or performance. I’ve often listened to actors give genuinely
insightful interpretations of their lines and then see those same lines die a slow
death in front of the camera or on stage. The problem is that their insights have
to be translated into human behavior, into something that will be believable as a
human being actually experiencing something. Most actors don’t have a clue
about how to do this.

There’s only one thing that can translate insight into action and ironically enough,
you’re doing it right now. You are experiencing! You translate your interpretation
of the words into action through your moment-to-moment experiencing. Knowing
how to do this is at the heart of every CORE Intensive.

With a CORE Intensive you are not learning a method or system. The approach
is experiential. You learn how to experience your way through every audition,
every performance. To find out if this approach is right for you, you need to try it
on. Take a 90-Minute Exploratory with Steven Ivcich, the originator of CORE, on
Saturday, March 7th (1:00-2:30pm) or Monday, March 9th (1:00-2:30pm). The
class is free and you get a “hands on” feel for how CORE can work for you. To
attend you must register here.

Yep, it’s true!

In this level we introduce you to several genres of voiceover that expand your voiceover repertoire. You also get to be more in control of what you’d like to work on and can bring in your own material or we can figure out scripts for you. Whether you’ve taken the Intro to VO class and want to learn more or you’re already out there in the voice over world and are looking for more time in the booth with feedback – the ADV VO class is your friend. If you’re working towards making a demo, taking the ADV VO class gets you a lot more bang for your buck than private coaching . So if you’re contemplating brushing up on your voiceover skills, come hang with us in the Green Room VO booth and we’ll offer you a discount on repeat sessions! E-mail us to get the discount.

Anne Acker is a professional actor and mom living in Chicago. She teaches on-camera acting at The Green Room Studio, as well as runs the Kids and Teens Program.

As a child’s acting coach, I often hear the same scenario from the parents of my young students. Mom or Dad agrees to have their child audition for a professional role—they then spend time helping the child prepare, putting together the child’s resume and picture, coordinating their outfit, running lines, taking time out of the family schedule to get their child to the audition, and so on. Once there, the child enters the audition room without mom or dad. When they return, the parents eagerly ask how it went, and the child responds with a vague “fine”. The parents are left to ponder the mysterious inner workings of the audition room. While we can’t expect children to give a detailed analysis of each experience, we can keep these five things in mind to help young actors in their auditions.

Read more