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This is "self-guided learn at your own pace" course that includes loads of information as well as curated 3rd party videos to help you understand all the elements of setting up your free 15 day trial of Source Connect Standard

You can certainly find all of this information out there in the inter-webs for free, but it can take load of time to track it all down, plus the most prominent video out there skips a crucial step and can leave people wildly confused! We've done all the leg-work for you and packaged it together in an easy to understand format that makes SENSE.

Many auditions these days say that they require Source Connect in order to audition. 

The process we encourage is to sign up for the free trial of Source Connect Standard. It gives you a 15 day free trial-  which you use to get it all set up and tested etc. Then once it expires - IT'S STILL IN PLACE - you simply have to subscribe (or purchase) when you get the actual BOOKING that requires it. Even if your free trial has since expired, Source Connect is still setup and tested on your computer. You can STILL say on all your auditions that you have Source Connect - because you do.

What you DON'T want to do is wait until that booking comes in to start the Source Connect setup process. Many times it only takes an hour or two to get it all setup, and figure out how to use it. But there are some situations where things don't run so smoothly - and if you have a modem, router, or ISP that doesn't play nicely with Source Connect, it can take up to a few days to iron out the issues.

There are no LIVE class meetings for this class, but we will moderate the community inside the course, and  there are opportunities to ask questions specific to your situation.

We are alos happy to hop on a Source Connect call for a quick final test once you've got everything setup - the ultimate way to make sure you are up and rolling!

And if you have one of those situations that need more troubleshooting, we will be accessible to help guide you in the right directions and connect you with the people who can get your settings changed appropriately.

When you purchase this course you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions