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Scripts / Homework

So- here you will find all of the coveted info of The Green Room. To get the scripts for class- click on the link below that says "Scripts".  Remember- you need a password to get in. Once you enter the password, you will be taken to a page which lists all available downloads. The scripts are named according to the week in which they will be used. Download ALL of the scripts that contain the upcoming week number. Remember- download your homework BEFORE the day of- you should give yourself some time to work on it. They are often named by week number AND group letter (A, B, C, etc) Always prepare at least ONE script from the A group, and at least ONE script from the B group (and C if applicable) every week.  You may at times even want to prepare 2 per group at your discretion in case there's time in class. And of course, everyone should always at least READ all of the scripts.

ALSO- don't download ALL of the weeks all at once- we may shift things around a bit as the class weeks go on, so you could wind up preparing the wrong material. Come here each week and get your stuff.

Either click on the item to open it in your browser, or right click on your chosen target and download your file!


Class Videos

Below are links to the class videos (we are beyond the ancient ways of recording to VHS or DVD) where you can view your work. These links have a DIFFERENT password than the SCRIPT password.  We told you this in class. Pay better attention. Again, when you enter the password, you will be taken to a page which lists all available downloads. You can either click on the item to open it in your browser, or right click on your chosen target and download your file- BUT-

WE WOULD PREFER that you right click it and save it to your desktop.  It will save us some bandwidth- AND once the last class is over- the links will be active for about a week, then they will be gone forever.  So if you save it to your computer now, you will always have it.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4                     **If you get a 404 Page not Found error-

Week 5                           ---its because those videos aren't up yet!!!

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Trouble shooting video files:

You will need Quicktime installed to view these.  If you don't have it, you can download here  (for free):

- (this is usually the problem- often times you have Quick Time, but an old version that can't read the newer files- download the new one free!) -

Getting video to play on some computers can be tricky. The links have been tested on multiple computers and do work. If you have any trouble- try the following:

1)  Make sure that your Quicktime is the most current available. (If you just installed it today, it should be OK- a month ago may be too old!)

2)  Use a different browser if you have one. (FireFox, IE, Safari, etc)   - (If you are on a PC, and don't use firefox- you should get it regardless. It's free, and FAR more secure than Internet Explorer.  )

3) Try downlaoding them instead- See DOWNLOADING below.

Downloading Videos (recommended!!!)

A few different options to do this:

A) Easiest way to do this is from the index page (that lists all the videos). Just right click the link, then selecting "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" or and download it to your desktop. Then use Quick Time, Real Player, or Windows Media Player to open it, by choosing one of the programs from your start menu, then Choose "file" locate the file on your desktop, and open it. 
OR- Right click the file that is now on your desktop, and choose "open with" - and choose one of the above programs (Quicktime would be the best, but if you are having trouble with that program, try a different one).

B) Often you can click the video to have it play in your browser, then once it's done playing right click the video itself and choose "Save as Source" from the popup menu. If it tells you you need QUICKTIME PRO- you DON'T!!!!! - Just try a different one of these options (A or C)

C) Once the video has played in your browser, click FILE in the top left of the browser, then "Save Page As..."

D) SAFARI users--This will take a BIT more reading on your part:

Basically you first play the video in Safari, then with Safari still open, hit Command-Option-A.

The ACTIVITY WINDOW will open up.

You then need to locate the correct file in the list that appears. It's often the one at the top of the list if it's the last thing you viewed, but it should be a relatively large file with a .mov file extension. Once you have found it, simply hold Option and double-click on it. Alternatively, pressing Option-Return will download whatever item is selected in the list.
**This is your only real option if you are using a Mac and are in the program Safari**

For more info and further instructions on cool uses of the ACTIVITY WINDOW see here:

for info call 312-685-2774, or email us