Kids/ Teens Intro to On-Camera and Professional Auditioning - ONLINE

Students gain a better understanding of acting for the camera, as well as learn about the professional audition process. Teachers approach the class from the viewpoint of both the actor and the casting director. This class will teach kids how to make auditioning fun and successful!
6 Weeks
Class Full
6 Weeks
This class takes place via Zoom meetings each week.

Kids/Teens TV & Film Scene Study - ONLINE

Advanced and returning students, join us to sharpen your skills through scene work! Now is a great time for the young actor to strengthen their process. Students will work via Zoom each week, as teachers guide them to analyze a script, explore characterization, make complex choices, and actively listen to their scene partner. Scenes will also be open to discussion among their student peers. This will be collaborative and active!

Kids/Teens Sketch Comedy & Improv - ONLINE

Use improv to create sketch characters just like the new cast of "All That!" Improv is not only one of the most fun types of acting, it is also some of the best training for learning how to be creative! Rosie Moan has performed and taught improv all over the country, including The Second City, iO (formerly Improv Olympic), and the Annoyance Theater. She will lead students in exercises and games that will encourage their creativity and collaborative skills. We are so excited to deliver this fun workshop in our new format!
8-12 yrs 
6 Weeks
Rosie Moan
Class Full
This class will take place via Zoom meetings each week.

Kids/Teens Voice Over - ONLINE

Voice over artists will help your child to feel confident and have fun with voice over auditions. They will work with real audition scripts and learn more about this part of the acting industry. This class allows your child to find their voice, be creative, and have a great time!
4 Weeks
Courtney Rioux
This class will take place through our online network and via Zoom meetings each week.

Kids/Teens Monologue Workshop

Monologues are necessary for all actors. They are particularly important for agent meetings, theatre auditions, and college auditions. Instructor Leah Raidt will hand pick monologues aimed to best showcase each individual student, teach them how to approach the work, and guide them to their best performance.

Virtual Coaching for Kids/Teens

Have your child work one-on-one with our talented coaches! This time can be used in a variety of ways. Our coaches can craft a lesson plan and choose scripts for your child’s individual goals and interests or you can request or provide certain material. Email to schedule.

Free Introductory Class

A free one hour introduction to our on-camera classes. Only new students, please. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when our next free class is offered!

Kids / Teens On-Camera

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With more tv shows and casting directors coming to Chicago, there are more opportunities for young actors than ever! The extra two weeks allows students an extra lesson in TV & film acting and an extra lesson in commercial acting. Students will be able to master more challenging concepts and material as well as practice their skills more and retain lessons more effectively. This also gives us more time for students favorite acting games and exercises!

Our curriculum combines modified theatre games, on-camera exercises, and simulated on-camera auditions to free up the young actors creativity and comfortability while providing them with hands-on knowledge of and confidence in the on-camera audition process. One day each session, your child will work with a guest casting director & you will get your burning questions about the industry answered in a parent talkback session.
ONLINE CLASSES! --- We also offer an ONLINE version of our On Camera Training. Registration will open for online classes on this page soon, but in the meantime click HERE to browse the online training options that we are adding to every day!

Kids / Teens Ongoing On-Camera Classes

These classes offer a way for students who have already taken our regular on-camera curriculum to further their studies and keep themselves in front of a camera on a weekly basis. They will join into one of our regular level 1 groups for many of the theater games, and certain commercial scripts, but will split off into a smaller group to focus on more advanced topics for much of the on camera work - including script structure, and film/TV issues. Some of the scripts used will be familiar to them from level 1- but will take a more advanced approach by using more layered / complicated acting concepts. Some scripts will be new to them altogether (typically in the second half of the 10 weeks). Regardless, they should be prepared to be challenged more individually, and look to bring new layers of complexity into their acting by way of the lessons taught. We have a guest casting director at the end of the session and a business talk for the parents as well.

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by Steven Ivcich

There’s a big difference between understanding your lines and bringing them to
life in an audition or performance. I’ve often listened to actors give genuinely
insightful interpretations of their lines and then see those same lines die a slow
death in front of the camera or on stage. The problem is that their insights have
to be translated into human behavior, into something that will be believable as a
human being actually experiencing something. Most actors don’t have a clue
about how to do this.

There’s only one thing that can translate insight into action and ironically enough,
you’re doing it right now. You are experiencing! You translate your interpretation
of the words into action through your moment-to-moment experiencing. Knowing
how to do this is at the heart of every CORE Intensive.

With a CORE Intensive you are not learning a method or system. The approach
is experiential. You learn how to experience your way through every audition,
every performance. To find out if this approach is right for you, you need to try it
on. Take a 90-Minute Exploratory with Steven Ivcich, the originator of CORE, on
Saturday, March 7th (1:00-2:30pm) or Monday, March 9th (1:00-2:30pm). The
class is free and you get a “hands on” feel for how CORE can work for you. To
attend you must register here.

Yep, it’s true!

In this level we introduce you to several genres of voiceover that expand your voiceover repertoire. You also get to be more in control of what you’d like to work on and can bring in your own material or we can figure out scripts for you. Whether you’ve taken the Intro to VO class and want to learn more or you’re already out there in the voice over world and are looking for more time in the booth with feedback – the ADV VO class is your friend. If you’re working towards making a demo, taking the ADV VO class gets you a lot more bang for your buck than private coaching . So if you’re contemplating brushing up on your voiceover skills, come hang with us in the Green Room VO booth and we’ll offer you a discount on repeat sessions! E-mail us to get the discount.

Anne Acker is a professional actor and mom living in Chicago. She teaches on-camera acting at The Green Room Studio, as well as runs the Kids and Teens Program.

As a child’s acting coach, I often hear the same scenario from the parents of my young students. Mom or Dad agrees to have their child audition for a professional role—they then spend time helping the child prepare, putting together the child’s resume and picture, coordinating their outfit, running lines, taking time out of the family schedule to get their child to the audition, and so on. Once there, the child enters the audition room without mom or dad. When they return, the parents eagerly ask how it went, and the child responds with a vague “fine”. The parents are left to ponder the mysterious inner workings of the audition room. While we can’t expect children to give a detailed analysis of each experience, we can keep these five things in mind to help young actors in their auditions.

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