When Will Classes Go Back in Studio?


We get one question over and over again from actors hungry to get back into training. We understand that uncertainty can create hesitation when deciding if you should sign up for that class you've been waiting for. So to answer that oh-so-common question....

When will classes go back in studio?

We've been into our studios and have found that we CAN safely fit a class of students with proper social distancing.

But the thing we keep coming back to is that masks are still required in the indoor spaces.

The actor in front of the camera would be allowed to remove their mask for performance in alignment with current standards put out by the film industry. We could even have two person scenes with plexiglass in between actors.

But we feel that with the teacher and classmates masked, we would lose an absolutely indispensable aspect of communication in the classroom.

Film is visual storytelling. At The Green Room we don't just teach you the overriding formats and strategies of on screen genres. We don't just work on scene study and more "connected" acting.

We also dive heavily into the physical story telling skillset required to make your work incredibly effective on screen.

It would be heartbreaking to take that physical aspect of communication away from all the actual discussions between teachers and students in the classroom.

Our online format has not been a knee jerk reaction to the pandemic. We've been dreaming and scheming about these teaching methods for years now. Covid-19 has certainly pushed us to move much faster to fully implement those plans.

But we've always envisioned this format where the student takes much more ownership of the frame, and learns to truly connect THROUGH THE LENS.

We are NOT keeping our classes online because we have to. We are keeping our classes online because of how EFFECTIVE they have proven to be.

Right now our teachers can watch a performance and ALSO watch the reactions and comprehension of the rest of the class at the same time. We can share ideas, SHOW you the physical choices you are making, and open the door to expand those possibilities.

The screen is a very powerful medium (or we wouldn't be studying it) and it has proven MORE effective to teach on-screen acting ON-SCREEN even more than we imagined.

It translates. It connects a classroom of students on a very deep level. More tears have been shed, more laughter has been laughed. It focuses us even more on the work.

In the future we are certain that we will always offer engaging online classes. Not just because of the convenience: because of the effectiveness.

Will we ever go back to in-studio classes?


While there truly ARE advantages to online training that can't be gained from in-person classes (as blasphemous as that sounds), there are some aspects of in-person training that can't be gained from online classes.

We love seeing students in person. We love working in the studio. We love the ability to connect with a scene partner 3 feet away, and look into their eyes in real time. There are so many aspects of the human condition we want to explore in that living space with you all, and when the time is right, we'll bring all we've learned online with us.

Then we will have the best of both worlds.

We will have in studio classes We will have online classes We will have hybrid classes that combine the best elements of each

Self Tape Fatigue?

I know many of you (us included) are burning out on the self tape requests and the incredible amount of effort involved. Add to that the uncertainty that you're actually doing the shooting part right!

I personally recorded one self-tape that took almost 7 hours to perfect. (happily it paid off). Every once in a while I throw up my hands in defeat, and drive to the studio to shoot there instead. Now that we are in phase 3, we are thrilled to open it up to you as well.

The studios are now open to coached self-tapings in private sessions. Coaches will be wearing masks. Strict cleaning, sanitation, and other safety protocols following film industry standards will be followed.

And great work will be done.

Production is back

Teachers at The Green Room AND students of our recent online-classes have shot commercials from home, recorded voiceover jobs via Source Connect (and even in studio!), have been on real sets with 10 or fewer people, and have been doing incredible work.

It's time to get motivated, get inspired, and get started again. Come see for yourself how effective our online classes can be.