Other Programs & Electives

We're excited to offer other programs & classes that are outside our core On-Camera Training Program. Some of these classes are on-camera specific, some are not. See particular class description for details. Our stable of electives offered changes frequently. Check back often! Not all classes that are listed on this descrption page are offered each term- see schedule for classes available curently.

Monologue Boot Camp 

with Steven Ivcich
Actors seldom make the most of monologue auditions. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s for lack of a process that helps them find, develop, and perform great monologues. Monologue Boot Camp is all about process.
  • Identify monologues that are right for you.
  • Understand how monologues function in the audition environment.
  • Learn a developmental process that can be applied to any monologue.
  • Get coaching that speaks directly to your individual needs.
  • Adapt your monologues for on camera auditions
In Monologue Boot Camp actors are assigned a monologue chosen specifically for them by instructor, Steven Ivcich. You’re able to track your development via in class video that can be downloaded between classes from the Green Room site. Steven Ivcich is a director/writer/actor/teacher with more than 30 years of professional experience in theatre and media. To review his approach to monologues visit Steven’s blog, theactorsprocess.com.

Green Room Professional Program (GRPP)

with Steven Ivcich
The Green Room Professional Program is a three-level intensive actor-training program. While our popular On-Camera Training Program was designed to provide actors with technical and stylistic expertise in the on-camera audition, Green Room Professional targets the core skills that drive great performances both on camera and on stage. GRPP is specifically designed for actors intent on raising their skills to a true professional level. GRPP training is based on an approach that encourages each individual actor to define a unique working process that expands expressive range, improves creative agility and delivers consistently high levels of performance. In short, GRP explores every skill set essential to a professional acting career. Expert coaching from GRP director, Steven Ivcich, insures the continuity of the training and brings personalized attention to each actor’s development.
Level 1 establishes core performance skills that effect every audition, every rehearsal, every performance. You learn to effectively engage your audience no matter what the performance venue. Expansion of physical, vocal and emotional range reveals unrealized personal potential. Understanding how the performance environment really works brings clarity to your process and improves your ability to take direction. Practical application to auditions, cold reading and scene development means that you’re learning skills that can be immediately applied in the real world. Level 1 is an intensive 4-week class that meets twice a week. 4 hours on Sundays and 3 hours on a weeknight evening.

Level 2 expands Level 1 performance skills into characterization, script exploration, structuring a performance and working actor-to-actor. Through scene work, Level 2 GRP actors refine their personal process and learn to apply that process to role development whether that’s prepping for an audition or sustaining weeks of performance in a feature film. Level 3 is a “process” proving ground. Each individual actor’s skills are tested through scene assignments that drive process exploration and expand casting range with challenging roles that take you into new creative territory. Level 3 can be taken multiple times affording an ongoing workspace for GRP actors.

An Experienced Teacher, Steven Ivcich is director and lead teacher of the Green Room Professional Program. He is a writer/director/actor/teacher with 35 years of professional stage and film experience. Working with actors has been central to the arc of his career. His understanding of the actor’s creative needs led him to create a training process that affords actors a highly stimulating workspace.

GRPP Admission
Level 1 is an open admission class. No audition is required. Admission to Levels 2 and 3 is based on performance in the previous level.

GRPP Class Schedule
Levels 1 & 2 are 4-week intensive classes that meet twice a week (7 hours weekly). Level 3 is an 8-week class that meets once a week (3 hours weekly). See the home page for scheduling of GRPP Levels currently being offered. Tuition
Cost for GRPP levels 1 & 2 is $385. However, if Levels 1 and 2 are taken back-to-back Level 2 is discounted to $285 for the 4-week intensive. Level 3 is $285 for the 6 week class.

To find out if GRP is right for you. Arrange to visit a GRPP class by contacting Steven Ivcich. Read Steven’s ongoing commentary on a wide range of topics relating to the art and business of acting at http://theactorsprocess.blogspot.com/

FAQ- "Which Program should I take??"

Energy and Creativity

For 20 years David Murphy has worked in the field of acting. Beyond his acting and voice over credit, he has been a casting director, theatre director and instructor. What is not as widely known is his credential as a Reiki Master. Reiki is a healing modality using energy. More often than not, an unfocused energy can be at the root of an uncreative and uninteresting performance. Have you ever had a poor audition and wrote it off as having been nervous, or simply not "on" without exploring further what was at the root of the problem? If you are willing to fearlessly take a leap into a unique class of self-reflection, energy work and discovery of higher creative self, this will be right up your alley. There will be group exercises and group discussions, as well as individual scene work using scripted pieces and improvisation. Bring a VHS tape, although not all work will be done on-camera.

The Cold Read: Everything, All At Once, Right Away.

The Cold Read-- certainly one of the most crucial tests an actor can undergo, while simultaneously one of the most unfair. With no connection to what will be the final product, what could an unmemorized and unprepared scene/monologue possibly communicate to a director? The answer: nothing, and everything! The cold read is the culmination of everything you know about acting, concentrated into five white-knuckle minutes that can mean the difference between the role or the scrap heap. You need to take that step into the unknown with confidence and clarity. While this six-session class will touch on many of the basics of acting, the ultimate goal will be to apply your personal strengths to brand-new texts in real-time exercises. This is Extreme Acting taught by Lance Baker- one of Chicago's most adventurous actors!

Teens Acting On-Camera (Limit 10 students)

Work in a classroom setting with other teens on roles written for teens.
  • Learn how to analyze a commercial script.
  • Strengthen your business and communication skills as you discover what is expected of you.
  • Learn how to use and develop your own personality.
  • Work towards “keeping it real”.
  • Incorporate tips and tricks that many actors overlook.

One-On-One Coaching

We are pleased to offer one-on-one coaching. We prefer to work towards particular goals that the actor has made a point of exploring.
Availability may be limited.

For info call 312-685-2774, or email us.

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