Voice Over with Robyn Moler

We chatted with voice over instructor, Robyn Moler to find out what she loves about it.

Robyn Moler teaches Intro and Advanced Voice Over.

What’s your favorite thing about Voice Over?
We get to act without memorizing lines! I’m TERRIBLE at memorizing.

Why is Voice Over good for actors to pursue?
Voice Over is a great compliment to any acting career. Advertising can be a fun and creative industry and voicing commercials lets you be a part of it.

What do you like about teaching VO?
I like talking about voice over cuz I’m such a freaking nerd about it and it’s nice to have eager listeners who are a captive audience 😉 but also I really like seeing the progression from the first week to the last. Everyone makes great progress and it’s fun to be part of that.

What progression have you seen in the students you’ve taught?
The number one thing I’ve seen in students over the course of a voice over term is confidence. They start out hesitant in the booth, not knowing how to work on mic, not knowing how to breakdown a script, how to tell a story in :30. And by the last week they are having fun with it and are able to put themselves into the copy. And I can definitely tell who has spent time working on it outside of class!

What has Voice Over done for you?
Working in voice over has created an opportunity for me to work in a field that I love while also raising a family and affording me the flexibility to pretty much design my life. I can’t imagine any other career that would allow me to live and support myself this way. Granted, it took a lot of sacrifices to get to this point, and there’s the daily ebb and flow of living a freelance life but it was been so rewarding both professionally and personally and I consider myself to be majorly fortunate. It’s what happens when tenacity, perseverance, talent and luck all come together.

You can hear Robyn’s demos and commercial work on her website, http://robynmoler.com/

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