The Nuttiness of Auditioning

By Steven Ivcich

Over my long career I’ve gotten to know every aspect of auditioning. As a writer/director I know the frustrations of trying to find the right actor for the role. When I was a casting director I struggled to get the most from actors in auditions. As an actor I’d thoroughly prepare for every audition only to have something unexpected render my preparation useless.

Fact is, if you’re an actor in an audition, something unexpected is going to happen. Count on it. Often the nuttiness is some small detail like the session director seems less than friendly or the steam radiators start banging right in the middle of your read or you suddenly realize you’re wearing socks that don’t match. All small things really but they destroy your best laid plans. Your inability to respond to the nuttiness, to take it in stride says something about you as a performer. It says you haven’t found your way of doing the acting. You don’t have a foundation that allows you to respond to the nuttiness in a way that improves you audition rather than destroys it.

Understanding the core of your work, that bedrock foundation, is essential to your long term development and knowing how to take on the nuttiness, how to respond in a way that lifts your work. In an Ivcich CORE Intensive you discover that essential foundation in three days and are able to put it to work immediately.

The best way to get a feel for this way of working is to take a CORE 90-Minute Exploratory. The class is free. You participate in CORE exercises to get a feel for how this approach can work for you. The next free 90-Minute Exploratory is on Saturday, August 10th. Choose either 1-2:30pm or 3:30-5pm. To attend please register here.

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