The Essentials of Acting

The actor’s dilemma of “how do I get cast” is the flip side of the director’s dilemma “how do I find actors who can engage an audience.” The answer to both questions is CORE. CORE reveals the absolutely essential skills needed to ace an audition and, at the same time, give a director confidence that you are the right person for the role.

Most actors think of text as the essential ingredient of an audition or performance. Text is important but it is not the essential driving force. Your simple presence in the room defines the essentials. How you are, how much access the casting director feels he or she has to you, the feeling that you can bring something unique to a role describes the essentials. The essentials spring from what is purely human about you. CORE opens your understanding of these purely human capabilities and helps you put them to work in everything you do as a professional actor.

Experiencing the essentials is the only way to activate them in your work. To see if CORE is right for you take a free master class with Steven Ivcich, the originator of CORE. Try on CORE for yourself. The next CORE 90-Minute Exploratory will be offered on Saturday, July 20th. Choose either 1:00-2:30pm or 3:30-5pm. More dates are available in August and September as well. To attend please register here. Read more about what the CORE program offers here.

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