The Audition Is Your Job.

When I graduated from college with a theatre degree, I thought for sure I would move to a big city, audition for a big play and get cast. Right away. After all, I had my degree and I was talented and knew so much. Wrong. Didn’t happen.

Turns out, I was missing the point. I didn’t realize what my job was.

How many auditions have you been on? One? Seven? Fifty? Two hundred and thirty seven? Chances are, if you have been on more than a handful, you have no idea how many you have had. People like to say that an audition is like a job interview. I think it’s a little different than that. As an actor, the audition IS your job. It’s also a chance to learn something. It took me a long time to figure that out. It’s a specific skill on it’s own and it’s one that you need to hone and treat as important as if you were on set, getting paid to do the commercial/TV show/film/webseries.

Does that mean that every audition will be amazing? No, probably not. But if you prepare, show up on time and do your best with what you have in the room you can leave and say you had a pretty good day of work. If it didn’t go well, instead of beating yourself up (something I see actors do every day and am guilty of myself) look for the things you can learn. There is ALWAYS something to learn. Did you get some direction you hadn’t considered? Realize you need a certain amount of time in the waiting room before you feel ready? Maybe you found out the casting director loves strawberry ice cream and now you have a great idea for a gift. No matter what it is, they are all things you wouldn’t have known without the audition. It’s all knowledge you can bring with you next time.

Basically, you just got better at your job.

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