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Best and Worst Gifts for Agents and Casting Directors

Just like that, December rolled around and it’s time to send off some holiday gifts to your industry contacts. Of course, we all want to acknowledge our hard-working agents and managers, and who could forget about the casting directors who called you in over and over again this year?

I get this question from actors all the time: what is an appropriate gift for my agent/manager/publicist/that awesome CD who booked my first co-star role?

So, I decided to go directly to the source and ask some of my industry contacts what they enjoy receiving as gifts during the holidays. Check out their comments below for some great ideas!

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In general, “professional” means being paid for services rendered. Often actors think that being paid automatically makes them a professional. This, however, leaves out the “for services rendered” portion of the definition. In “the business” your ability to render services is what defines you as a professional, not the fact that you’re being paid. Like every other independent business person you will be paid what the market will bear. Your only control with regard to payment is to either take the money or not. You are, however, completely in the driver’s seat when it comes to services rendered. Continue reading PROFESSIONAL MEANS WHAT?