The Six Hundred Pound Gorilla In The Room

No one really talks about this but line memorization (or the lack thereof) wreaks havoc in auditions, rehearsals and performances alike. The way in which you memorize can restrict your performance and that restricts your spontaneity and that’s not good. Another big problem happens when an actor thinks they’re off book but then when they go into performance the words don’t show up and everything comes to a screeching halt.

Make a study of how you memorize. Become aware of how long it takes you to memorize something and, more importantly, how long it takes you to be completely free of the book. Until the words just show up without you having to rummage around in your head, you are not completely memorized.

In the Green Room Professional Program the processes of memorization and script development  receives a lot of attention because both have a profound impact on performance.



One of the hardest things about being a goal-setter is the ability to let it go. By letting go of your attachment to the goal, it can actually become easier to achieve.

Do you remember liking someone so much that you were a bumbling fool around them? Or maybe worse, you were on the receiving end of that affection, but you didn’t feel the same way? The same thing can happen when you’re too attached to a goal.  Continue reading LET IT GO

The Audition Jitters

It’s perfectly normal to get a little rush before or when you walk into an audition. It’s basically just a little shot of adrenaline that will burn off relatively quickly if you let it.

If you don’t know how to let it burn off, than you’ll likely try to repress the rush and that’s going to keep it from burning off. This in turn causes the jitters to hang around and get worse.

Just let the adrenaline play out however it happens too. Don’t feel that you have to hide the rush from the casting director. If it’s okay with you, then it will be okay with them. They know that most actors walking into an audition have the jitters. It causes bigger problems if the actor tries to repress the rush. Repressing causes them to become less spontaneous and that’s never good for an audition.

One of the things I focus on in Making The Audition Environment Work For You is how to work with the adrenaline rush rather than against it.

Why Do I Want To Act?

Over the years I’ve been surprised by how many actors don’t have an answer for this question. It’s like they have a yearning to act but they’re not sure what that yearning is about or where that yearning is leading them. When an actor does have an answer it usually has to do with something that they want to happen in the future. I’m pursuing acting because I want to be rich and famous or because I want to be a really good actor or because I want to make a living as an actor. Continue reading Why Do I Want To Act?

Take stock of what you’ve done.

If you’re like me, you probably always feel like you could be and should be doing more to further your career. While I think it’s important to be driven, it can be exhausting. It can be incredibly stressful to be an actor and it’s very easy to compare yourself to others and their successes. This holiday season, I encourage you to stop for a minute and take stock of all you accomplished. Continue reading Take stock of what you’ve done.

10 ways to stop being a “starving artist.”

If they’re in a coaching session, of course they’re paying me to turn this belief around. If I’m at a networking event, I smile politely and nod my head wanting to shake said actor by the shoulders screaming, “It doesn’t have to be that way!” Continue reading 10 ways to stop being a “starving artist.”

Time To Quit

It can certainly be a journey into frustration when pursuing an art form. Probably the most dangerous thing is to have it be your passion and your love in life. We’re told that taking bold chances in this art form is noble and needed, so we take that huge risk and dive into that commitment and passion. That passion and love is what keeps us going. It’s what lets us grit our teeth and say “I won’t give up no matter what.” Unfortunately the time has come…. You should quit acting. Continue reading Time To Quit