Our NEW On Camera Showcase in LEVEL 3

Improve your work with the best training around…. and then get that work seen by Casting Directors and Talent Agents! Our On Camera Training Program just got even more effective…

     We’re excited to announce our NEW LEVEL 3 ONLINE SHOWCASE.  Now, at the end of our Level 3 On Camera class, students will polish up and record their on camera showcase pieces, which will then be shared with Chicago’s Casting Directors and Talent Agents.   It’s a great way to show your new skills to your agent, let Casting see you in a new type of role , or land that representation you’ve been working towards. There’s no better way to let someone know how your work has grown, than to show them your best work!

    Level 3 will still have it’s two core points of focus: The Recurring TV Guest Star and Series Regular roles, as well as Commercial Styles and making your personality pop without overacting. But on the last evening, you will record two pieces to be included in the showcase: One Commercial and one TV role.  (We actually ran this agent and casting showcase format over a decade ago when we had to rely on DVD’s and bike messengers, and after a long hiatus we are finally plugging it back in to the equation online!) The On Camera Training Program Showcase presents work that you’ve had time to practice IN CLASS with your teachers in order to reflect the growth you’ve made as an artist.

    If you’ve taken Level 2 in the past, now’s the time to up your game even more AND get seen!  If you’ve only taken Level 1- Level 2 is full of TONS of new stuff that we can’t fit into Level 1 and it’s filling up soon so get the ball rolling!  AND- if you’ve already taken Level 3 with us in the past…. We’ve got an ever changing curriculum to make it worth your while to jump back in a new round of Level 3, brush up your on camera work, and get seen with the new Showcase!  (Took Level 3 in 2018 and feel kinda burned that we just started offering this now?!? Shoot us an email and we’ll talk!)

    “What if I wanna take Level 3 but don’t feel quite ready for a Showcase yet?” – That’s OK! We can use the shoot week to work your material, shoot it for practice, and if you don’t get it to a place that you want to share it in the showcase- we won’t!  You can then defer your actual shoot to a future session once you’ve had time to practice and work the material more on your own. We won’t share a performance you’re not happy with.

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