I’m always looking for apps, books and sites to make my life easier and myself more productive.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to co-host a workshop with actor and career coach, Gail Rastorfer. Last night, I co-hosted a Google Hangout with actor and social media expert, Tony Howell. I’ve learned so much from these two, and I want to share some tips and tricks that the three of us use. Hopefully these tools can help you to see the same results as their clients and followers.

Below are some of the top apps, books, and websites the three of us recommend most frequently.

For Productivity Gail recommends:

Rescue Time (App)– For tracking how much time you’re wasting VS. how much time you’re spending on your career and art.

Newsfeed eradicator (App)- For avoiding the hours and hours of useless scrolling on Facebook. (Only available with Google Chrome.)

Stay Focusd (App)– For setting limits on how long you can spend on websites. (P.S. That’s not a typo- there’s no e in Stay Focusd)


For Visibility Tony Recommends:

Squarespace (Website)- For building your SEO friendly Actor Website. See Tony’s at

Facebook Followers: For your fans. Pages are meant for businesses. Tony thinks you should kill your fan page. Leverage your free profile by allowing followers for your public updates.

Shut up and Tweet by Phil Pallen- For building your brand and turning your tweets into business deals.


For Feasibility I recommend:

Spot Hero (App)– For finding cheap garage and valet parking downtown for gigs or auditions. Click here for $5 off your first spot.

Park Chicago (App)– For being able to add time to your meter from your phone if your audition, gig or will last longer than two hours. No more running to your meter and putting paper in your windshield!

Twisted Wave (App)- For recording VO auditions from your phone or iPad on the go, and sending  the mp3 to your agent.

Genius Scan (App)- For scanning your contracts at a gig and sending them to your agent PRONTO.


Let us know in the comments below if you have any other Life Hacks for Actors!

– Courtney Rioux

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