I love climbing. Love it. So I go climbing as much as I can. Sometimes too much. I’d go everyday if I could, but that would be just a bit too irresponsible and the tendons in my fingers would burst without the required rest. (I’ve already had that happen from climbing too much actually). But I climb because I love it and it lights a passion within me I can’t explain fully to someone who doesn’t share the same. I don’t just climb when someone hires me to, or when someone wants to audition me for a climbing job. In fact neither of those things have ever happened and never will. Do you just act when someone hires you or auditions you? Because you ARE passionate about acting right?

Don’t act so that you can “Be an Actor”. If you are fascinated by acting, passionate about it, and interested in every aspect about it, what makes it tick, and it’s mystery – then explore it for the rest of your life. There’s a pretty solid test on the internet that tells you if you should pursue acting or not. And oddly enough it doesn’t have anything to do with where your level of talent sits right now. And even odder- you find that fantastic test right here:

1- How many hours in the last week have you gotten up on your feet and practiced “acting” with your voice or body (not just in your head) OUTSIDE of any audition or work requirement?

2- How many hours in the last week have you spent reading acting related books or articles that DIDN’T focus on the business or marketing or mindset, but actual ACTING concepts? (This one doesn’t count- it’s more mindset oriented) HOURS – not minutes!

3- How many hours in the last week have you spent thinking about or journaling about acting and performance concepts that interest you: “Where do the differences lie in terms of audience involvement in experiencing a music performance (not “musicals” but regular rock or pop or jazz) vs a spoken word acting performance?” – “How is this script “A” structurally different and the same as script “B””, etc. Ideas that you come up with and ponder simply because they interest you.

4- How many hours in the last week have you spent relating life-observations around you to acting concepts that have interested you?

5- How many hours in the last week have you spent acting because of jobs you were hired for or auditions you needed to prepare for?

If you’re answering zero or close to it- you probably aren’t really all that interested in acting. I only threw that last one in there in case there are folks who are so busy with acting jobs and auditions that they need a rest from considering acting the rest of the week. Of course you may be totally swamped doing other responsible stuff- or you may have been acting for so long that you’re taking a little hiatus from the pondering of stuff, but if you find yourself watching CSI MIAMI instead of curling up to a good acting book you just MIGHT be more interested in watching acting than exploring acting.

So often people wonder what they can be doing to further their acting career. Should I spend more time marketing? Should I send out more postcards? Usually though, the best thing to do for your acting career is to fuel your passion for acting. Take classes perhaps. But this is NOT a plug for taking classes. You need to simply EXPLORE more. Read more. Think about it more. DO IT MORE by getting on your feet and playing. Call it practice if you must- but also spend some time just acting. On your feet. At home. Wherever. But you DONT need a job or audition to do so. You wanna act? Shut your computer right now, stand up, and do some acting. Might be weird and awkward at first. But enjoy.

(Don’t know WHAT to do when you stand up to act? That’s stuff you can maybe find in a class or in a book. But it’s the standing up and doing it that is ultimately the only thing that will fuel your passion)


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