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Career Advice That Bears Repeating…

It’s been great watching Courtney Rioux navigate her acting career from early on.  I first met her when she took one of our on camera commercial classes years ago. She’s was a great actor even back then, and she really took up the technical aspects required of effective storytelling. Like any young actor, she had frustrations with the ups and downs of the business, and I remember one conversation we had when I offered a simple piece of advice that she actually implemented….

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Free VIDEOS about how the Business WORKS!!!

We’ve just launched our new series of videos about The Acting Business in Chicago!
…where we will explore all sorts of business aspects of the acting world to help actors make more informed and strategic decisions – both in their business decisions AND in their audition performances.

We’ll release a new video each week. The first video is an introduction to the series- and the educational info starts next week – – so subscribe to our newsletter now!. Upcoming topics include:

– How the commercial business is structured
– How Casting Directors Prep the auditions for commercials
– How the actual commercial audition process works
– How the Prep for a TV & Film audition differs from commercial
– How the actual TV or Film audition process works
– Who’s the best talent agency in town
– Headshots
– Resumes
– Marketing
– Unions
– Bookings
…. and loads more!!!

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Time To Quit

It can certainly be a journey into frustration when pursuing an art form. Probably the most dangerous thing is to have it be your passion and your love in life. We’re told that taking bold chances in this art form is noble and needed, so we take that huge risk and dive into that commitment and passion. That passion and love is what keeps us going. It’s what lets us grit our teeth and say “I won’t give up no matter what.” Unfortunately the time has come…. You should quit acting. Continue reading Time To Quit


Do you ever finish a take in a performance situation (be it an audition or rehearsal) to have the director stop and give you a few notes…. then have that little voice in the back of your head say “Ah yes- of course- that makes sense. Darn, I should have done it THAT way. OK- this next take I’ll do it that way and it will be better. OK- here we go on the pathway to getting it to where they want it….” If so, you are taking CORRECTION not DIRECTION. Continue reading CORRECTION vs DIRECTION


I love climbing. Love it. So I go climbing as much as I can. Sometimes too much. I’d go everyday if I could, but that would be just a bit too irresponsible and the tendons in my fingers would burst without the required rest. (I’ve already had that happen from climbing too much actually). But I climb because I love it and it lights a passion within me I can’t explain fully to someone who doesn’t share the same. I don’t just climb when someone hires me to, or when someone wants to audition me for a climbing job. In fact neither of those things have ever happened and never will. Do you just act when someone hires you or auditions you? Because you ARE passionate about acting right? Continue reading I LOVE CLIMBING – NOT BEING A CLIMBER

My agent is not getting me called in!

One of the most common gripes I hear from actors – what they perceive to be the biggest stumbling block to their career success – is that they don’t have a “good enough” agent. They need a better one, cause their agent isn’t getting them called in. They aren’t getting submitted. In all honesty- if they are living here in Chicago – they usually couldn’t be further from the truth. Continue reading My agent is not getting me called in!


Would you rather control someone or be controlled?
(uh – be in control I guess…)

Would you rather manipulate someone or be manipulated?
(ew – that one’s a bit more shameful and hard to answer… neither??)

Do you like watching movies?

Yes? – Than you must admit that we as humans actually NEED both. To control AND at times be controlled.
An audience pays money to go for a ride. It’s entertainment. The entertainer is PAID to help manipulate the audience so they can escape for a while. But you gotta let them in on the deal. You can’t just show them video of a roller coaster. They wanna get inside. Same with your character. You can’t just do it all for them. THEY wanna play the character right along with you. So you have to share.
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