15 Resolutions in 2015


2015 resolutionsHere are some resolutions that I’ll be making this year to be happier, healthier, and more productive. Let me know if you’ll be joining me and which ones resonate with you!

1. I will not take “rejection” personally. In fact, I will view rejection as a good thing. I’m not wasting my time or anyone else’s by pursuing something that won’t happen. A “no” is not necessarily a no; a “no” is a “not right now.”

2. I will not compare myself to others. The only person I will compare myself to is the me of yesterday. Comparisons are all about significance. Am I more or less significant than you? I will meet my need for significance by contributing to others instead.

3. I will choose to be happy on my journey. In order to do this, I will strike the words, “I’ll be happy when (fill in the blank)” from my vocabulary. Many people think they need to suffer to push themselves toward a goal. This is false logic. I can choose to be happy even on the way to achieving my goals, which will actually make me more likely to achieve them.

4. I will visualize the life I want. My subconscious mind can’t actually tell the difference between visualization and real life. Just five to ten minutes per day of visualizing my dream life can help me believe that it’s possible. This will help me take stronger actions towards my goals and manifest the life I desire.

5. I will say nice things to myself. Calling myself names and belittling my dreams will only bring shame and inaction to my life. Using positive self-talk will help me focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.

6. I will not use anger or sadness to manipulate people. Nor will I let someone else manipulate me with their emotions. 

7. I will set office hours for my goals and dreams. I cannot just hope that I find time during my day to do what I need to do for me. I have to plan it like an appointment, and nothing can trump it. 

8. I will take at least an hour a day, first thing in the morning to care for myself (exercise, meditation, reading, journaling etc.) If I start my day off with a WIN that I control, I will be more likely to have more wins throughout the day. I’ll also have more energy, be more focused and be more productive. 

9. I will not SHOULD on myself. 

I will not should on myself

I will replace “I should” with “I will.”

I will replace “I should’ve” with “I made the best decision I could’ve in that moment, and I have learned from my mistakes.” 

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.” ~RENT 

10. I will have an attitude of abundance and gratitude. Because we get in life what we focus on, I will focus on all that I have instead of all that I’m lacking. 

11. I will love and accept myself unconditionally right now. I cannot shame myself better, so acceptance and love is the only solution to my problems. 

12. I will save more, and spend less. I will continue to invest in myself. I will put at least 10% in savings. I will not spend money I do not have on frivolous purchases that I’ll throw away in a year. “What do I need to follow my dreams and what can I leave behind?”

13.  I will set goals, but let go of attachment to specific outcomes. It’s the progress towards a worthy goal that makes us happy, not the actual achievement of the goal. The how and when don’t matter; the progress does. Learn how to Let it Go here. (Don’t worry, it’s not Adele Dazeem) 

14. I will take more naps. It might seem back-assward, but rest and relaxation can actually make you more productive. 

15. I will take action toward my goals even when circumstances are not perfect, and even if I’m not 100% ready to do so. There is no perfect time or place; there are no perfect people. If anyone tells you they’re perfect and they’re ready for anything, they’re a big fat liar. 



What are your resolutions for 2015? Let me know how I can help! 

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