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Guest Teacher Policy for Casting Directors / Associates / Assistants

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All of our classes with guest casting directors/associates/assistants are a learning experience, not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop/class is over, the casting director/casting associate/assistant (whichever is applicable) teaching will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.

Guest teachers scheduled for a particular week(s) in our multi-week classes are based on their availability which may change at the last minute due to their casting duties, are not guaranteed, and may be subbed out for another teacher. (Most of our teachers at the Green Room have extensive experience as current or former Casting professionals at major Chicago or LA casting offices. Those without casting experience have developed successful careers as professional actors.)

The Green Room's On-Camera Training Program

In Short

This is what the Green Room is known for.  The On Camera Training Program (OCTP) takes the experienced actor and teaches them to use their skills in ways that are strategically effective in today's on camera market. Our program was created by casting directors in discussion with Chicago talent agents to provide actors with the tools they need in both Commercials and TV/Film. Agents in this town need to stay diverse and work on both commercial and narrative projects to thrive, and they want actors that have skillsets to tackle both.  Our program also allows flexibility for the student to choose a pathway of continued study of their interest in the upper levels, be it a commercial focus,  TV & film focus, or both.  Some students opt to only take one class, some take a few over the course of a year or two, but many choose to complete the entire program and continue on with the on-going advanced studies. Whatever your chosen path, you will find it to be the BEST on-camera training around.  Our goal? To show you how to book the roles you’re not booking right now.


The Program

Due to the cumulative and unique nature of the program's approach, all actors begin in Level One regardless of whether they are SAG, AFTRA, have had previous On-Camera training, or hold an MFA in acting.

Click on a level to learn more:
Level 1
focuses on The Green Room On Camera Fundamentals (not your typical on camera class fundamentals!), as well as providing a solid approach to commercial auditions and small TV & film roles so ubiquitous in Chicago.
Level 2
continues the focus on larger TV & Film roles in the first half of the class, then dives deeper into the ever important skill of structural improvisation on commercial material in the second half.
Level 3
rounds off our commercial approach by expanding further into commercial styles, and continues with major TV and Film roles, and culminates in an Online Industry Showcase where your recorded pieces are shared with Chicago Casting Directors and Talent Agents!
Ongoing Advanced Classes
Students who have completed levels 1-3 are eligible to then join the Ongoing Advanced TV/Film or Ongoing Advanced Commercial classes for continued study!These are opportunities for actors to continue to hone their skills and work new material in classes that are designed to be taken as many times as the actor desires. Many sessions see a local casting professional join them for a night (or a few!)


Every actor is different and all come with different levels of previous experience. Here are some thoughts regarding experience level and this program's focus:
One of the most common questions we get is "What level should I start in? I already have on-camera experience." These classes were designed based on our experiences directing professional actors in real life on-camera commercial, film, and TV auditions; actors that we had called in time and time again, who give decent, believable performances, and actually get some work. They have talent agents, get called in for auditions, and have seen the inside of a callback session. But there are basic principles that they simply fail to bring to their work on a regular basis that keeps them from working nearly as much as they could. We find that the work that most seasoned actors need to focus on to take them to the next level is a fresh examination of some seemingly basic principles. We take a new look at aspects of storytelling that are unfortunately taken for too much for granted, and use that rebuilt foundation to move into much more effective and much more masterful storytelling. Level 1 is in every way an in depth and challenging study.
Many of our students who have less experience actually thrive right alongside the actors who have been doing this for years. We do allow students into the program who have limited experience in their acting careers. We've seen many a success in the fresh, honest approach of those who come to the table without the baggage of an indelibly ingrained acting process. We do have a prerequisite option for level 1 that gives the more experienced actor the choice to work with peers at a less diverse experience level, but both prerequisite options tackle the same progression of material. Don’t let your inexperience frighten you away. If on-camera acting is your passion- building acting fundamentals in an on-camera setting may be a better choice than starting out in stage-focused acting classes. But if you feel like you might want basic acting classes first, feel free to drop us an email and we can chat with you about some solid options with us or at other studios in the city as well.


Why The Green Room OCTP?

What makes the Green Room's On Camera approach UNIQUE?
It is our goal to produce "On-Camera Actors" as opposed to "Actors With Some On-Camera Training." All to often actors will take an on-camera class or two at various institutes, and never walk away with a cohesive set of tools with which to approach their on-camera work. As such, their approach ends up having little difference from their general acting approach, and at best it only sets up the actor with a generalized knowledge that leaves them right on par with all of the actors in the city that have been doing this for a year or so (and just “learned on the job”!).


Our aim is to take your skill set deeper and farther in order to actually book on a regular basis. There are a lot of actors out there that are "good"  - - They get called in to the casting offices because their acting is quite believable.  But they don’t book nearly as often as they could.  They don’t know HOW to manipulate the audition, focus on the story structure in a deeper way, play the room in a multi-take callback session, or make "strategic-creative-choices" instead of just "creative-choices". We don’t want to show you how to do a particular script well in class (that script has already been cast in the real world and being good at it is pointless – the actor just returns to their old ways on their next audition) … we want to use that script to present GLOBAL concepts that you can then apply to all of the work that will present itself to you in the REAL world.   Our end goal is outstanding acting that is able to book repeatedly on a national basis and establish a real career. So we dig deeper and spend more time on each aspect of the on camera industry.

You get the recordings of your work for reveiw online.

This is an on camera focus.  So you should have access to your on camera footage for review. We record you on camera multiple times in every class, and you get almost instant access to those videos online, at anytime.  We don’t spend a ton of time reviewing everyone’s takes in class itself  - unless a particular issue comes up that the teacher feels the whole class can learn a global lesson from. (Then we do play the video back and point out the specific moments.)  You’ll get copious notes and can reference them to your videos. We’ve got a lot of material to cover in class- and don’t believe in taking up almost half of the class time playing back stuff that the whole class just watched! Instead, we spend the time getting you to embrace the concepts that need to be applied, and repeating and practicing them in performance in front of the camera ad nauseum until you can understand them in your body.

We work with your agents.

We also have strong relationships with the city's talent agencies so that we can keep them informed of their talent's growth as well as provide ourselves with feedback on certain topics and classes agents would like their talent to have access to. The actor that completes the program will graduate equipped with skills in all areas of on-camera acting including technical, stylistic, and strategic skills in Commercials, Television, Film, and Industrial mediums.

We have an online Industry Showcase
Our level 3 class ends with an opportunity for our students to share their work with Chicago Casting professionals and Talent Agents in an online showcase of TV/film and commercial scenes!
The Roots are in CASTING

The training program is founded on the experiences of Casting Directors and their inside view of the on-camera acting profession. The classes are taught by a small group of professionals in the field who have extensive experience behind the camera in both casting and production.  We are a unique group of teachers who bring  both professional acting experience AND years of experience as Casting Directors, Directors, Writers and Producers. We know what you need to change about your performance so you can book- because we’ve spent years looking for it in audition settings.  We know the actor’s roadblocks that present along the way because we’ve also been in your shoes as actors. We acknowledge the depth and scope of the art of acting and how the lines may bleed between styles, from venue to venue, stage to film, drama to comedy. We strive to help bring depth, reality, and inspiration to all of the work our actors do. The training program focuses specifically on on-camera skills, but never fails to keep the fundamentals of honesty and creativity in the performances of our students. Our goal – frankly – is to help you MAKE MONEY by directing your creativity towards a strategy that tells a story very effectively …. and consistently books work.

FAQ: "Which Program should I take- the On Camera Training Program, or the Ivcich CORE Intensives?

For info call 312-685-2774, or email us.

Other Programs & Electives


We're excited to offer other programs & classes that are outside our core On-Camera Training Program. Some of these classes are on-camera specific, some are not. See particular class description for details. Our stable of electives offered changes frequently. Check back often! Not all classes that are listed on this description page are offered each term- see schedule for classes available currently.

TV Audition Prep Workshop

Work with AJ Links from PR Casting on an effective and achievable preparation strategy for TV auditions Prerequisite: Professional on camera TV audition experience or minimum 8 wk on camera class equivalent. Offered periodically. Check back soon if you don't see it on the schedule!

Voice Over

Intro To Voice Over
Learn the techniques needed in the booth, how to address different types of microphones, and how to use your voice in different situations. We will cover TV commercial announcer, radio commercial announcer, radio dialogue commercials, and more. Students will work in the booth multiple times each week.

Advanced Voice Over
Work on multiple scripts each week to explore styles, target your weaknesses, and build them into strenghts.

Ear Prompter and Telepropter

Learn both of these valuable tools and some of the common acting styles that go with them in this immersive 8 week class. Work in front of the camera or in "live" settings on a weekly basis and get the skills you need to tap into these markets. We'll explore all the technical aspects of using and interfacing with the devices, get you comfortable enough with your own process so you can collaborate with others, and make sure you understand how you can use these tools in your current work, and to access the new markets they will open up to you. Taught by professionals with years of successful career work in both disciplines, including one of the nation's currently most sought after ear prompter narrators in the live tradeshow market.

Ivcich CORE Intensives

What is CORE?
CORE reveals the profound essentials that drive an actor's performance. CORE is an actor-friendly environment that supports individual exploration and encourages discovery. CORE liberates your personal potential as an actor and builds confidence as a professional.

CLICK each heading below to reveal more information!

CORE is an Experience—literally.
CORE is an entirely different approach to the actor's work. It is not based on any system or method. It is based on what each individual actor "experiences" in the performance space. It’s not unlike learning to swim. The water in the pool is what actually teaches you to swim. It's the same with the performance space. Each time you enter the performance space you have a unique experience that informs your exploration. These collected experiences add up to how YOU act. Knowing how YOU act means you can adapt your skills to every professional challenge and explore your creative potential for the long run.
The source of CORE
CORE comes out of Steven Ivcich's 40 years of working with actors in every conceivable performance environment. His CORE Intensives guide actors to performance level work in days rather than months. The objective is to empower actors as independent artists capable of thriving in any medium. With CORE you are learning from the originator of this approach. Only Steven teaches CORE.
The CORE objective
CORE is nothing if not practical. It's designed to help actors get the job done in every audition, every performance and in every medium. Look at it this way. You either know how to ride a bicycle or you don't. The same applies to acting. CORE is all about you being able say, "I know how to act."
CORE covers it all
With CORE your version of "knowing how to act" applies equally to "live" on stage and on camera. With simple adjustments CORE frees you to thrive in both mediums. Everything you learn in CORE also applies to stand up, improv. sketch comedy and hosting. CORE is the ultimate foundation for all of these performance venues.
Why so intense?
The intensity of CORE mirrors what happens in production. In the real world you're expected to bring you best for an 8-hour rehearsal or a 12-hour shoot. CORE'S three days of continuous work in the studio parallel these working conditions. The continuity of what you learn is noticeably enhanced by the three-days of continuous work. Nothing is forgotten between classes and all participants progress at an accelerated rate.
Is CORE right for me?
If you're just starting out CORE quickly orients you to the nuts and bolts of acting and points the way for further development. If you've been auditioning for a while and are looking to bring your skills to the next level, CORE can help you do that. If you're a seasoned professional sensing that you've hit a creative ceiling, CORE can help you break through. No matter what your level of experience, CORE can open the path to the next level.
Level 1 CORE Intensive - details
The uniqueness of CORE means that everyone starts with Level 1. Those new to acting quickly establish a working platform upon which to build career long development. Those with deeper experience are able to immediately diversify and optimize their skills opening new regions of creative exploration. Level 1 starts with an exploration of solo performance. It's just you in front of the audience or the camera. Knowing how to thrive in this environment opens the way for discovering verbal improvisation skills, bringing a script to life, knowing how to engage other actors and bringing believability to every performance. Duet scene work is used to integrate these skills into a process that can be applied to every professional circumstance you may encounter. By the end of Level 1 everything you need to pursue a professional career will be in place with the exception of creating a character. (No prerequisites)
Level 2 CORE Intensive - details
The working platform developed in Level 1 becomes a springboard for creating believable characters across multiple genres and in every medium. The Level 2 approach to script provides limitless possibilities for character exploration. You learn a process that allows you to "grow" the character between rehearsals without a director's help (especially valuable in on camera work). You are able to evoke an experiential environment that brings you to the character quickly and reliably. Through this environment, you also continue to expand your physical, vocal and verbal expressive range, which broadens the kinds of roles you can tackle. Scene work used in Level 2 is taken from a screenplay. (Prerequisite: Level 1 CORE Intensive or Green Room Professional Program Level 1)
Level 3 CORE Workshop - details
This 3-hour weekly class road tests everything you learned in CORE Levels 1 & 2. You work on a role and a scene chosen to challenge you personally. Between each of the 6-classes you're expected to read the script that your scene is taken from, apply Level 2 script prep, memorize the scene, and create a character using Open Studio workflow learned in Level 2. In class, Steven will trouble shoot issues encountered between classes, block scenes, and coach your scene to a performance level. Since you have a designated scene partner it is very important that you attend every class. Missed sessions make it very difficult to get the full benefit of Level 3 for both you and your scene partner. Level 3 CORE Workshop can be taken multiple times. Each time you are assigned a new role and scene. Level 3 lets you optimize and streamline your personal approach in a "true-to-life" rehearsal environment.
About Steven Ivcich
Steven Ivcich is a writer/director/actor/teacher with 40 years of professional stage and film experience. Working with actors has been central to the arc of his career. His understanding of the actor's creative and professional needs led him to develop the CORE approach. This way of working grew out of his original productions and experimentation with actors in Chicago and New York City. Steven doesn't do things differently to be different. He does it this way because it accelerates learning.

To find out if Ivcich CORE Intensives are right for you, join one of our upcoming free CORE classes, or contact Steven Ivcich. Read Steven's ongoing commentary on a wide range of topics relating to the art and business of acting at

FAQ- "Which Green Room Program should I take??"

Leap With Passion Workshop

We have been thrilled to host Art & Soul Acting's powerful end-of-the-year workshop in-person in our Ravenswood studio for the past 5 years. Due to a scheduling conflict, Rhonda unfortunately will not be available to offer her workshop live in Chicago this year. HOWEVER, you can still attend this annual workshop event. Please join Rhonda Live/Online for Leap with Passion into 2019!

Do you wish you had time each year during the busy holiday season to take stock of your life and prepare for the year ahead?

If yes, then the Leap with Passion Workshop is for you.

The annual Leap with Passion is a life-changing 5-hour workshop. Offered this year as an online seminar, it is an opportunity for participants to show up for themselves without distractions in order to mindfully complete 2018 and then create an inspiring plan for 2019...a plan that will stick.

Leap with Passion was created by native Chicagoan & NYC transplant, Rhonda Musak. She will be leading this workshop live online

For a complete workshop description please visit Rhonda's website here


Teens Acting On-Camera

Work in a classroom setting with other teens on roles written for teens.
  • Learn how to analyze a commercial script.
  • Strengthen your business and communication skills as you discover what is expected of you.
  • Learn how to use and develop your own personality.
  • Work towards "keeping it real".
  • Incorporate tips and tricks that many actors overlook.

One-On-One Coaching and Audition Taping

Do you need an audition recorded or some one-on-one time to focus on a specific training issue? The Green Room is your professional resource for coaching and taping. We will record your coaching sessions so you can review them at home, or we can help you create a professional looking audition using our studio space and equipment. We help coach you to your best performance so you feel confident about your audition, and edit it into an easily downloaded format for submission. Email or call for pricing and availability.


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By Steven Ivcich

Over my long career I’ve gotten to know every aspect of auditioning. As a writer/director I know the frustrations of trying to find the right actor for the role. When I was a casting director I struggled to get the most from actors in auditions. As an actor I’d thoroughly prepare for every audition only to have something unexpected render my preparation useless.

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The actor’s dilemma of “how do I get cast” is the flip side of the director’s dilemma “how do I find actors who can engage an audience.” The answer to both questions is CORE. CORE reveals the absolutely essential skills needed to ace an audition and, at the same time, give a director confidence that you are the right person for the role. Read more

We sat down with voice over instructor, Robyn Moler to find out what she loves about it.

Robyn Moler teaches Intro and Advanced Voice Over.

What’s your favorite thing about Voice Over?
We get to act without memorizing lines! I’m TERRIBLE at memorizing.

Why is Voice Over good for actors to pursue?
Voice Over is a great compliment to any acting career. Advertising can be a fun and creative industry and voicing commercials lets you be a part of it.

What you like about teaching VO?
I like talking about voice over cuz I’m such a freaking nerd about it and it’s nice to have eager listeners who are a captive audience 😉 but also I really like seeing the progression from the first week to the last. Everyone makes great progress and it’s fun to be part of that.

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