Why Do I Want To Act?

Over the years I’ve been surprised by how many actors don’t have an answer for this question. It’s like they have a yearning to act but they’re not sure what that yearning is about or where that yearning is leading them. When an actor does have an answer it usually has to do with something that they want to happen in the future. I’m pursuing acting because I want to be rich and famous or because I want to be a really good actor or because I want to make a living as an actor. Continue reading Why Do I Want To Act?

Take stock of what you’ve done.

If you’re like me, you probably always feel like you could be and should be doing more to further your career. While I think it’s important to be driven, it can be exhausting. It can be incredibly stressful to be an actor and it’s very easy to compare yourself to others and their successes. This holiday season, I encourage you to stop for a minute and take stock of all you accomplished. Continue reading Take stock of what you’ve done.

10 ways to stop being a “starving artist.”

If they’re in a coaching session, of course they’re paying me to turn this belief around. If I’m at a networking event, I smile politely and nod my head wanting to shake said actor by the shoulders screaming, “It doesn’t have to be that way!” Continue reading 10 ways to stop being a “starving artist.”

Time To Quit

It can certainly be a journey into frustration when pursuing an art form. Probably the most dangerous thing is to have it be your passion and your love in life. We’re told that taking bold chances in this art form is noble and needed, so we take that huge risk and dive into that commitment and passion. That passion and love is what keeps us going. It’s what lets us grit our teeth and say “I won’t give up no matter what.” Unfortunately the time has come…. You should quit acting. Continue reading Time To Quit

I don’t have a timeline.

When I first moved to Chicago, a non actor friend of mine asked me how long I was going to pursue acting before giving up. My answer: I’m not going to give up. When I was preparing to move to L.A. last month, someone (this time an actor) asked me what timeline I was giving myself for succeeding in L.A. This time my answer was: I don’t have a timeline.

Continue reading I don’t have a timeline.


I’m always looking for apps, books and sites to make my life easier and myself more productive.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to co-host a workshop with actor and career coach, Gail Rastorfer. Last night, I co-hosted a Google Hangout with actor and social media expert, Tony Howell. I’ve learned so much from these two, and I want to share some tips and tricks that the three of us use. Hopefully these tools can help you to see the same results as their clients and followers.

Below are some of the top apps, books, and websites the three of us recommend most frequently. Continue reading LIFE HACKS FOR ACTORS


Do you ever finish a take in a performance situation (be it an audition or rehearsal) to have the director stop and give you a few notes…. then have that little voice in the back of your head say “Ah yes- of course- that makes sense. Darn, I should have done it THAT way. OK- this next take I’ll do it that way and it will be better. OK- here we go on the pathway to getting it to where they want it….” If so, you are taking CORRECTION not DIRECTION. Continue reading CORRECTION vs DIRECTION


I don’t know what to write about. I keep trying to come up with something great and helpful about acting and being an actor but all I can hear in my head is “Be nice. Love one another. LIVE.”

The Chicago acting community has suffered some terrible losses recently. It seems in some way or another, everyone is affected and is feeling a sense of pain and sadness. I wasn’t lucky enough to really know any of the talented people who passed away. I knew them from auditions and seeing them in shows and hearing their names and because my friends were their friends. Unfortunately, it is only because they are gone that I now know what wonderful people they all were. The one constant has been a Facebook feed full of love and kind words and memories of people who were loved. And who loved. People who gave of themselves, looked out for others and were good friends to have. Yes, their careers have been mentioned but that is not what their loved ones are holding on to right now. They’re sharing memories of a kind gesture, a hug, a laugh, a drink, a song, and a love they are happy they had.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Life is short. Follow your dreams but remember that the part that matters is that you are following them. Not if you get where you think you should be. The part that matters is so much better than that. It’s happiness and kindness and a meal with friends and laughter. It’s living.

Be nice. Love one another. LIVE.